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DDM4000 and Traktor 3.3 configuration

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR 3' started by piotrpbx, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. DoubleFuss

    DoubleFuss New Member

    nicoljcraig wrote:
    Do you want to use the crossfader in Traktor or externally? I use mine externally so the 'x' in the DDM midi setup has to be UN-ticked. And CF button on (above crossfader) and decks assigned - either a or b.

    I want to use the crossfader in external mode, but maybe my crossfader has got some problem, the "cf on" button never works and the high mid and low buttons on the right side of the cf are allways "on" (in the left side i can switch them on and off). And i can't assign the decks to the crossfader. my ddm's got some problem or i have to do something more?

    thank you nicoljcraig
  2. nicoljcraig

    nicoljcraig NI Product Owner

    Well, your tongue is unfortunate. And no, I wasn't lying. Why would I bother? ye tool.

    If it has been answered then I can't find it. A simple yes or no would have sufficed. But if this is the way you vent your anger: each to their own.

    I've looked plenty times at the product page. I'm well aware you can use any interface when using any traktor program (I use Numark DJ i/o just now), but my question was specific to using the timecode vinyls. Since I've already got Scratch pro, but not the audio8/vinyls.

    So, simply, do I need the audio 8 to work with the timecode vinyls? Or can I use other interfaces?

    Hopefully this reply will make your blood boil, doesn't seem to take much. Oh, and is the glass half empty?
    that does seem a bit wierd. When you press the assign "a / b" button does the little yellow light come on? The CF button should be blue when it is on.

    The only thing I can think of is maybe your crossfader is on midi mode? That disables the CF button. If so, same again, go into midi settings INSIDE your DDM and make sure it is blank i.e UN-ticked.

    The EQ kill button thing seems even stranger. So they just don't switch off right? Ermm... not sure about that. I reckon the DDM is sometimes a little temperamental since I've known a couple people who had faults and needed to send it back (me included). But not with that specific problem.
  3. DoubleFuss

    DoubleFuss New Member

    thank you very much nocoljcraig.
    The xfader is unticked in the midi setting of the ddm, and when i press the a/b button the yellow light never come on. :(
    i think i've got some problem on the B side of the crossfader. If I have to send it back where i have to send it?
  4. nicoljcraig

    nicoljcraig NI Product Owner

    Back to Germany. Should be on your warranty. Either that or through the dealer you got it from.

    Nae bothers, happy to help if I can.
  5. Mindtwister3d

    Mindtwister3d Forum Member

    Hi guys, it has been a while.

    Well. here is what has happened so far.
    I jumped into traktor pro, after my free upgrade. of course, found out i had to redo my midi programming. it took me a while to understand the routing. but i think i got it to work more or less how i had configured it on 3.4

    Ok, so here is my summary of the config.

    two cdjs-100 going into CH 1 and 4
    midi on for ch 2 and 3
    sample channel and mic ON for MIDI
    i have mapped the fx on ch 2 and 3, for the knobs and, there is also part of it on the microphone knobs. on the sample area, i have the browse tree folders, change the focus on the decks, sync buttons for deck A and B, as well as the load buttons. and i have the loops set up as well. on the sample area.

    it works, but sometimes i would like a more organized structure.

    so here are my questions:

    1. has anybody used the herc mk2 as an additional midi controller with the ddm4000? (that way i can control the jogs for deck C and D, or A and B and not use the CDJ-100)
    2. has anybody experienced a problem when you set the loop on, and you have selected your amount of beats for the loop, than when you turn it off. you cant control the sound with your TCCD? i have to load the track again, for the TCCD to work.
    3. on TCCD mode, how can i get traktor to use the cue button of the CDJ, meaning, you know how you cue the song. and you use it to play the song from that cue point when you about to use it. i only use the jogs on the CDJ to control speed, as well as the pitch fader, but i would love to use it more as the regular cdj, but on traktor of course.

    Thank you guys for all of your help before.


  6. infernyk

    infernyk NI Product Owner

    Please I`m Stucked..!

    hi i just bought ddm 4000 and i cant start using it i saw all the comments and it seems that i need a sound card and a midi interface
    the equipemt that i have is midi m-audio uno
    fast track pro and the ddm 4000

    somebody that can help me out with the setup and were i need to hook up the cables
    i want to use it in external mode to use the ddm effects..
    thnks for ur answers..!=)
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2009
  7. Sinjintek

    Sinjintek NI Product Owner

    the fast track will give you 4 inputs and 4 outputs, good for 2 stereo channels (i.e. decks A & B) of audio output to control with your DDM. the Unosport will give you ALL the MIDI connectivity you will need to access all the available facets of the DDM4000's MIDI linterface ability.

    if you want to add more channels you'll need more I/O...good for decks C & D or maybe for some creative FX routing.
  8. dj quinn f

    dj quinn f New Member

    usb midi

    can any body tell me if behringer make a midi interface and whats it called coz i think i just purchased a behringer audio interface with usb and may need to change it:( any help thanks oh what wires will i need also!
  9. chilly

    chilly Returning Customer




  10. dj quinn f

    dj quinn f New Member

    i have a problem connected my midi interface from ddm to audio 1 control correctly but it isnt lighting the midi on the audio one. plus gone into console settin crossed mic sampler crossfader & crossed all channels plus muted audio and put channel 16 on as james said loaded james 2d tks file into traktor fine selected channel 16 in traktor but no midi signals are sending what am i doing wrong! used my cdj 400 and the signals send fine. just dont see the the midi signal lighting up when i press the ddm buttons soo confused!
  11. djnofear

    djnofear New Member

    Audio Interfaces

    Hi Guys,

    I'm new on the forum and thinking about buying the DDM4000 to use with Traktor. To connect it to my laptop I will need audio interface like Audio Kontrol 1 or Audio 8 DJ. The question is:

    If I purchase a cheaper interface like Numark DJ IO will it work as good as NI interfaces?
    Will I be able to use all the same functions as when connected with NI interface?
    I would like to use DDM4000 as an external mixer (effects, cue, cross fader) and use traktor just as a player and mix recorder.

    I see Numark has much less connections than Audio Kontrol or Audio 8 DJ so that's why I am confused.
  12. nicoljcraig

    nicoljcraig NI Product Owner


    I also have the DDM4000 and I used to use the Numark DJ i/o but now use the Audio 8. The latter has better sound quality and has a number of cool little features. It's main difference is the number of outputs and inputs it has. So, it just depends what you want to use it for. The Numark only has two outputs so you can only have two decks (either virtual or using timecode vinyls - note the Numark doesn't have inputs so you wouldn't be able to use the special multi-core cables that enables easy switching between line and phono on your decks). Ergo, because it only has two outputs you won't be able to have four decks as an external mixer. But if you only need two then the Numark will do the job - for a fifth of the price. BUT, I would recommend the Audio 8 Traktor scratch deal (like £500 odd) as you won't need anything else, including a separate midi connection. I don't think the Numark would really be up to scratch for gigs, but for home use and learning (like I did, before I even got decks) it's fine.

    Hope that helps big guy.
  13. djnofear

    djnofear New Member

    Thanks for the answer.
    Using two Traktor decks would be enough for me. In the later stage I was going to buy at least one turn table to scratch.

    As Numark doesn't have midi inputs will DDM be able to control Traktor, to control cross fader, faders, to have monitor?
    In the review and connection instruction on www.tinxph.net there are midi cables used so I presume they are essential.

    What features will be available without midi cables? Is it worth?:eek:
  14. nicoljcraig

    nicoljcraig NI Product Owner

    If you want to use midi then aye, you'll need a midi interface. You can get one pretty cheaply.

    Depends if you want to use it in external or internal mixing mode for controlling faders, cross fader etc. You can assign them using midi learn or use the mixer externally (like I do) and use only the sampler or mic section for midi controls (effects, play/pause etc).

    Without midi cables you will be able to use it externally, just the same as any other mixer.
  15. djnofear

    djnofear New Member

    Thanks for the answer.
    I'm affraid I don't fully understand you. I'm not sure what internal and external mixing modes are. Is an external to Traktor mixing mode when you are using mixer for controlling everything like in analog mixing (mixer + cd decks or turntables) and Traktor is used just as players? I would like such option. What hardware do I need to buy to achieve this? Audio interface or just midi interface?

    So a midi controler like for example EMU XMIDI 2x2 USB MIDI interface:


    will let me use mixer DDM to control Traktor but what about lack of 1/4 inch outputs (RCA) in the midi controler?
    Audio interfaces like Audio Kontrol 1 or Audio 8 have them. What do are they responsible for? Would I be able to use DDM's effects, EQ's in my mixes and than record it in Traktor without having RCA cables?

    There must be a major factor people are buying Audio Kontrol 1 or Audio 8 for about £200 instead of £40 midi interface.

    If I had to buy Audio Kontrol 1 or Audio 8 probably it is not worth for me and I will buy CD/mp3 decks.
  16. nicoljcraig

    nicoljcraig NI Product Owner

    Aye. External mixing mode is like using any other hardware. Internal means that your mixing inside Traktor (i.e your eq's, cross fader etc etc will correspond with the ones on your screen - when you move, they move). This requires a midi interface because your controlling everything using midi signals. If you want to use traktor effects when using it in external mode you'll need the interface. Anything you control INSIDE traktor uses midi, if you want to control it using your mixer that is. So for your case, probably both. The audio 8 does both. Not sure about audio kontrol.

    Are you new to all this? ;) Did you mean midi interface? Not controller. Like your picture. Your midi signals are COMPLETELY separate from your audio signal. I.e your midi signals control things in Traktor whilst RCA cables will carry your sound. If you use the Emu 2x2 that will suffice as an interface. You can, like I do, just use a single cable which has a midi in and out on one end and a USB on the other; just plug in and play.

    Like I said, it's for carrying your midi signals. Which control whatever you assign them to.

    Yes, you can control effects in Traktor and still use effects in DDM. I advise using your mic and sampler sections as midi controllers for Traktor effects.

    Depends on what your recording source is. But normally you will need an RCA cable for recording.

    Aye, it's because they're awesome. The sound quality is good. There built very sturdy, perfect for taking around gigs and they have all your necessary inputs/outputs, midi in/out, USB connection all in one box.

    Why am I even taking the time to explain things, when all this time you never told me that money spews from your rear. Buy yourself a pair of the new technic's (demo [ame="http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8387850343829975145"]Technics SL-DZ 1200 Scratch Demo by DJ ROCKID[/ame]) and be done with it.
  17. djnofear

    djnofear New Member

    Thanks for the explanation. Yes I am new in the hardware although I have been using Traktor for a few years now.

    I wish I could afford Technics or Pionner!

    Thanks for the answer!
  18. trance alba

    trance alba Forum Member


    I'm sure i saw Nick Warren using em circa 2004!

    Anyway, if money be no object the CDJ 1000 is still the industry standard, possibly because of various SL-DZ 1200 horror stories...
  19. nicoljcraig

    nicoljcraig NI Product Owner

    Aye your right... but they're kinda new. Also right on the horror stories. Some people seem to say they're awesome and some say they lag, skip and all sorts. CDJ 1000 might be cd standard but the classic 1200/1210 is still the vinyl standard. And probably, still the best. Also they retain value, which is nice.
  20. trespies@optonline.net

    trespies@optonline.net NI Product Owner

    Outputs issue

    Macbook Pro 2.4 Gh Leopard 10.5 osx
    NI Audio 8 Dj Interface.
    Samson Studio Monitor/Subwoofer.

    I get sound from the outputs of interface but, I can't control
    the Master Out with the interface nob. Everything look good
    and installed correctly and configured. What am I doing wrong. Thank You:

    Salsa-Rengue Dj
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