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Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by kaotik78, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. kaotik78

    kaotik78 NI Product Owner

    Creating scenes with maschine controller will allow for selection of preset built in titles with the ability for users to enter their own for later selection. Users can edit and change in software mode as well.

    This would eliminate having to rename scene 1 2 3 etc by instead creating a scene and then selecting “intro, drop, hook, buildup, breakdown, chorus, chorus 2 etc”

    This would further reduce the need for switching from maschine to a keyboard and mouse.
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  2. Bito

    Bito New Member

    I like the idea that you have a list of names, from which you can choose with the controller. The ability to rename a Scene/pattern/sound from the controller would further support the use of the controller. Maybe holding the button of a scene/… for a few seconds to trigger this command and Holding again to untrigger it?
  3. kaotik78

    kaotik78 NI Product Owner

    Pretty much, just saves from having to click each scene/pattern/sound and then move the mouse/keyboard.
  4. b-r@nno

    b-r@nno NI Product Owner

    +1 for a fantastic idea. my brain allready started to correlate "scene numbers" with "musical things" usually scene 4 (for example) is a break....or i usually color breaks / no kick sections with the same colors.

    but your idea would help a lot in organise an maschine project. i mean we all are "in the flow" and know our projects as we work on it....but when weeks/months have passed, i usually need some time to "get in again"...

    your idea would help a lot!!!!
  5. GVik

    GVik NI Product Owner

    Nice idea :thumbsup:
  6. D-One

    D-One Moderator Moderator

    Dont kill me, this is just a suggestion but... Why not create a template with a bunch of prenamed empty Scenes/Sections if you already always use the same naming scheme?