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Dev tem, please remember - Traktor: for DJs not machines

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Nerm, Nov 3, 2008.

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  1. Nerm

    Nerm Forum Member

    I've been a Traktor user since v2 and have been fortunate to use it in the studio, across the world on tour and on my BBC Radio shows.

    I was lucky enough to be sent Traktor Scratch by the marketing dept and subsequently paid for the upgrade to T3 allowing 4 deck vinly control and giving me back my beloved absolute mode. T3 was great but the loss of independent mouse control from deck focus was maddening. There were other issues such as stability and quirky hidden prefs that required right- clicking on a specific to expose should have been under one menu or shortcut and other prefs that just should have been there.

    With TPro we're promised it's geared for the performer with the removal of NativeMix.

    Unfortunately for those like me that mix by ear (the old fashioned way!) TPro just isn't good enough.

    The ability to switch the mouse from from "snap" to "vinyl" has to be done through the prefs which is awkward at a gig and make finding a suitable cue point of un-quantized music, with the wrong analysis BPM a nightmare.

    I also play across genres and being able to mix as such is one of my key skills. This is now much harder without an accurate ability to seek through a track to the required resolution and find the cue point (a vital tool for any DJ) and indeed pitchbend to the required degree (another, missing, vital tool to be able to mix!)

    Also the pitch change/slider "fine" setting is just not fine enough.

    Please remember that as a performing DJ I need those basic tools. It is not enough to assume the computer will recognise the BPM, set the beat grid. Sometimes a DJ needs to work against what the computer thinks of the tracks and TPro doesn't provide adequate human control.

    Please please bring these basic DJ fundamentals back.

    And thanks so much for bringing back independent mouse control!

    I still love Traktor and want to continue working with it.
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