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    So I own a few pieces from NI and my question new year a few days away what is the direction if mashine?...
    Just cannot understand what version are we on 2.91 and what new coming??.. really are we waiting for another controller such as studio what ever version which I bought and sold... just curious how about standalone? I dont know.. yes to answer any troller I also fully support akai MPC X which.. I did not like there update and but fix stuff..altho I was not having the same issues with on PC. There direction tho is far above maschines. This is why since I own a few pieces is where is the communication? I know u like, I love and so on but what integration is coming?
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    If NI had something to share at present, you would have already read about it.
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    lol "I own a few pieces of NI hardware, yet I perpetually post about how I never use them anymore but I'm concerned about their direction!!!!!"
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