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    10 year loyal customer and own many NI products.- This is in regards to B4II - I had no problem running it in Pro Tools 10 win 7 64 bit.. have been the last 2 years on the same computer.. Now all of sudden out of the blue I'm having 2 issues with B4II- again, same computer.. nothings changed-

    2 weeks ago sent in my first support ticket.. heard nothing- sent in a 2nd one 8 days ago and still nothing.. this is not the way to treat loyal customers

    Issue 1- In stand alone- it loads and gives me the 3 options- Activate-Buy-Demo.. hmmm? I click activate, Service center runs and shows "all products activated".. Clicked overview.. yup, theres all my products including B4II with a green checkmark.. clicked show detail and check my serial number and verified that within my NI account- yep- same serial #.. clicked the edit and removed serial number and enter again.. closed B4II- ran standalone and again.. same results... very frustrating-

    Issue 2- Heres where the fun begins.. like mentioned above- I've been running B4II on my PT 10 for the last 2 years with the same computer with no issues... now when I create an instrument track- select B4II and get several error message.. heres the first one

    "Your systems id has changed or is invalid,please use the registration tool in the application folder to re-register B4II" Went to the folder- no registration tool so I assume thats the Service Center.. but theres nothing there that allows me to creat a new system ID

    After I click okay.. this message pops up "B4II: Still no tonewheel files found! Please install B4II again" I have.. 5 times already.. clean installs after clicking okay on that message this pops up...

    "B4II cannot find default file 'def.b4a' Please locate it in order to use the default presets!"

    It's going on 2 weeks now and not one response from NI cust support. I'm very disappointed with them...
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    Did any (Windows or NI) updates got installed lately?

    If you haven't already also give them a call. Phone numbers can be found here: http://www.native-instruments.com/en/company/contact-ni/
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