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Disappointing Traktor 3

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by ZenCube, Dec 11, 2018.

  1. ZenCube

    ZenCube New Member

    Okay, so we got a few new colors, straightened and flattened up lines to look at, aha, more AWESOME-FX and a completely RENEWED audio-engine with more excellent stretching hifi sound quality then ever?!

    And besides other cosmetics, that's basically it? Also, does this mean the Traktor 2 audioEngine is by now kinda s**t? Boring, Dull, OldAudioEngine T2Crap?

    I'm using Traktor since a long time and was looking forward to this V3 Release. Many other Users and I asked allot about a MASTER-Section with Compressor/Maximizer or such to finalize the signal before addressing the public - this is a NEED as anybody knows. Just ONE tool would have been nice in this full-update, but instead nothing but the slightly enhanced limiter, already present in Version 2. The tools Traktor got for finalizing the MasterStream are since the beginning not present and now automated by a limiter with almost NO control. And even a very good autoLimiter-Tool is NOT capable of doing the job of compressors/maximizers. What is the problem? Usually interests in making money, not necessarily in the INTEREST of the customers likes, as NI certainly knows how to make excellent masteringTools.

    Also, as a user of a HighResolution displays, like Traktor 2 and as other users complain as well, Traktor 3 still looks blurry, it doesn't support HR-Displays/Resolutions at all... 2018 - New Version and you should have a 1280x800 Monitor, to look at a sharp User-Interface? Still the old dull search-function for tracks and stubborn browser-section! I don't even complain about the lack of VST_fx integration, as I know how unstable and lacky a host can get with unknown software. But even propellerheads opened up Reason to the monster-thread VST and they doing fine, as far as I know.

    So, why is it exactly I should buy T3? Yeah, the new HiEndAudioEngine! ...right...

    I don't really wait or ask for any kind of reply to this post - I just wanted to express my disappointment in this V3-Release and point out NI's ignorance in terms of their 'followers'. If not here, where else?
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