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DJM-S9 MIDI Map for Traktor (Scratch) Pro 2

Discussion in 'DJ Controllers' started by MikiL, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. MikiL

    MikiL New Member

    I made MIDI map for DJM-S9 and think to share it to here too.

    Map is made for 2 track decks + sampler what uses C&D remix decks. When you done with sampler settings you can hide deck C & D so no need to keep all decks open. Some of The LED's is not working but this is Pioneer's Midi signal problem. All thought most of the leds working including pads.

    Hope somebody have use for this map




    (you need download Setting Utility for DJM-S9 here first https://www.pioneerdj.com/en/support/software/djm-s9/ )

    1. Traktor prefernces -> audio setup
    audio devise selecct DJM-S9
    2. Traktor preferences -> Output Routing
    Mixing Mode select EXTERNAL

    DECK A
    L: DJM-S9 0
    R: DJM-S9 1

    DECK B
    L: DJM-S9 2
    R: DJM-S9 3

    DECK C
    L: DJM-S9 4
    R: DJM-S9 5

    DECK D
    L: DJM-S9 4
    R: DJM-S9 5

    Output Preview
    L: DJM-S9 not connected
    R: DJM-S9 not connected

    Output FX Return
    L: DJM-S9
    R: DJM-S9 7

    3. Input Routing

    Input FX Send (Ext)
    L (Mono) DJM-S9 6
    R DJM-S9 7


    1. Traktor Preferences -> Effects
    FX unit Routing
    FX1 = SEND
    FX3 = SEND

    Select 4 FX Units

    FX Panel Mode
    FX1 Group
    FX3 Group

    Now you can select what traktor effects you want to use for 6 blue fx buttons on right side of DJM-S9

    Sampler is design to use for C & D decks, both getting same audio out in audio settings. you need change track mode as "Remix Deck" for both C & D decks. Now you can load samples to slots and sells

    Press pad mode Sampler button

    at the moment pads have 2 pages, I can later make more if needed. Page change when pressing parameter buttons above pads. (Right page 2 left page 1)

    Cells and Slots are mapped as follow

    Page 1

    Cell 1 Slot 1-4 = 4 pads above
    Cell 2 Slot 1-4 = 4 pads under

    Page 2

    Cell 3 Slot 1-4 = 4 pads above
    Cell 4 Slot 1-4 = 4 pads under

    When slot are/pads not have any sample, the led is purple/violet
    When load sample the pad turns RED, and When you press/Play sample The pad turning Green

    If you want save your Remix deck settings:

    For Deck C ->

    Press Left side of TAP button FX On. Blue led start blink then press pad mode Sampler button and your remix set has been saved in traktors remix set folder. Remember to press that FX on button agian so led stops blink, so you on't accidently save something what you don't want.

    Same works with Deck D but the FX ON button is RIGHT SIDE OF TAP Button


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  2. sangdogg

    sangdogg NI Product Owner

    Nice work on this and surprised that no one has comment on it.
    I needed it for upcoming gigs as my serato buddy uses it (i would just plug a6 onto it for dvs).
    Thanks again!
  3. djmarkv

    djmarkv New Member

    So this works with Traktor CV?
  4. sangdogg

    sangdogg NI Product Owner

    what is cv?
  5. sangdogg

    sangdogg NI Product Owner

    you always need a traktor sound card (like A6) on every serato mixers. this file is only midi map files.(for the buttons on the mixer)
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2017
  6. MikiL

    MikiL New Member


    you need like sangdog said external soundcard for playing traktors vinys with djm-s9. But if you use example CDJ-2000 with it, you don't need soundcard, just use S9 as soundcard, and use CDJ's as HID-controller.

  7. Dj Doug Fresh

    Dj Doug Fresh New Member

    Thanks I just uploaded your mapping for the S9 with T3. Works great. Trying to get familiar with the layout. You wouldn't by chance have a picture layout of the button function. Thanks again