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(dnb/breakbeat) Flume - RB (b_tools remix) please share feedback

Discussion in 'Music made with Maschine' started by b_t00lz, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. b_t00lz

    b_t00lz New Member

    Hi guys! New community member here.
    Made this remix entirely on maschine and would love to hear your opinion. It's really interesting how conditions and deadlines improved my work, I started working really fast and finally finishing my projects) So big thanks to NI and metapop for a great opportunity to grow and develop as a beatmaker!

    Please share your thoughts, criticism, love or hate on that track:

    + don't know how should I name this genre, any thoughts?
  2. awol9000

    awol9000 NI Product Owner

    It's defiantly breaks/breakbeat. Drum and bass is 160+ bpm.

    Great track, mix sounds good.

    I hear people say all the time they can't do full tracks with vocals in Maschine and I quietly laugh to myself. Your remix proves you can do full tracks in Maschine. Easily too I bet.
  3. b_t00lz

    b_t00lz New Member

    Thank you for not passing by!
    Yeah, you just need to spend a bit more time than in popular DAWs. I guess these people probably expected to get another Logic with a Midi drumpad controller =)
  4. mebitek

    mebitek NI Product Owner

    cool track! congrats