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Do you plan to drop your DAW for Maschine standalone?

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by skinswashdc, Aug 4, 2020.

  1. Danny Taino

    Danny Taino New Member

    Just give me linear tracks and I'll be good for a loooooong time.
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  2. Supercreative

    Supercreative NI Product Owner

    I dropped Logic for the exclusive use of Maschine. Now, after years of exploring Maschine HW/SW im back in Logic - with Maschine.
    Currently, I‘m happy to exploit the advantages of both.

    If Maschine is not evolving to a full DAW, my desire is a much better DAW integration of Maschine!
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  3. CakeAlexS

    CakeAlexS NI Product Owner

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    THE WIDOWMAKER NI Product Owner

    they really should supply more lfo with better features and better filters for the sampler engine, another 2 envelopes with some actual features wouldn't go astray either

    unless i missed it, it hasn't evolved since release in 09, the sampler engine is in need of an overhaul, seriously

  5. van Grieg

    van Grieg NI Product Owner

    I can't even live with one real DAW, unfortunately.

    Even if Maschine adds "linear tracks" and other popular DAW-like wishes, it still doesn't allow signature and tempo changes, more or less complex mixing is a pain in the neck, and given that it's used mostly for electronic music production, these aren't likely to be added any time soon. Oh, and my biggest gripe with it isn't even that. I've been using it for a couple of years maybe, and I still can't really figure out how it handles MIDI and why everything has to be so confusing and screwed up. I kind of like it as an instrument for drum parts mostly, but unless the drum parts are the built-in "kits" exporting and importing MIDI becomes a major problem for me. Starting from the fact that it seems to be the only drum machine where the root note is C3. Why does it have to be this way I don't know. Oh, and it consumes quite a lot of resources, which makes it difficult to use as the number of tracks grows. And there's no easy way to bounce tracks.

    Ableton is cool, and I like it for its simplicity, but it can't export tempo maps. It's also somewhat of a performance hog (although better than Maschine). Probably the flipside of simplicity - it doesn't have mono tracks, adds sends automatically for all returns, etc. Also, comping is a bit clumsy, although possible. Again, bouncing is difficult - there are all kinds of restrictions, you can only do it with a track, not with a particular selection, it's slow etc. I guess this comes from its heritage of a live performance instrument first and foremost.

    Studio One solves most of the above problems, it's excellent for editing, managing versions of mixes, handles larger projects more easily than Ableton or Maschine. Much more flexible, and has better support for control surfaces than Ableton - I use Maschine Jam as a Mackie Control surface with a custom template, and it's the DAW where I can do most stuff without touching the mouse. But it has weird problems like MIDI jitter, consumes enormous amounts of hard drive space for projects (probably storing all kinds of stuff in cache), doesn't have session/ideas view of course, and generally isn't an instrument.

    Then there's Reaper that does everything, is extremely lightweight, but I can't stand looking at it. It's a silly argument, but I hate spending time using it.

    And as far as CPU demands are concerned, all of these are using too much for heavy live work, so I have Cantabile in addition to them. :)
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  6. Tazmanian Ninja

    Tazmanian Ninja New Member

    PDC / plugin delay compensation implemented: I might ditch Ableton. It's my biggest gripe.
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  7. Kaldosh

    Kaldosh NI Product Owner

    Yes because it's isn't there, many mixing plugin can't be used so it makes it hard to finish a mix in Maschine...still there is workarounds but it is tedious
  8. LowPass

    LowPass NI Product Owner

    no way, I love the symbiotic relationship it has between working on the controller and the computer. Thats why back in the day (MK1 era), I chose Maschine over getting an MPC.
  9. ShelLuser

    ShelLuser NI Product Owner

    That's never going to happen for me, I love my DAW (Live) simply too much for that. And Live can do things which I'd never be able to do with a standalone environment such as the Maschine+. For example.. the Suite version of Live 10 ships with 'Max for Live'; a visual programming language with a specific focus on multimedia. Meaning that if I want to do something which isn't supported then chances are high that I'll be able to build it myself. That's a level of control you'd never get with stand alone hardware. At least not with Maschine+, I suppose modular synths could cope.

    Another problem for me is that I've become too used to working with 2 sequencers at once. Before Reason 11 I pretty much always used Live together with Reason through rewire. But now that Reason 11 dropped rewire (and introduced the rack VST) I actually found a 'replacement' within Maschine.

    And that's even ignoring all the cool stuff I can do with the controllers. By switching Maschine into MIDI mode and Push into user mode there's a lot you can do with these things, esp. in combination with Max for Live. Which is also something a stand alone box could never offer me.

    SO... nope. I'm more than happy with my "power trio" as it is.
  10. GoKeez

    GoKeez NI Product Owner

    Hell no. Logic sampler kicks the **** out of Maschine plus I love the loops, audio editing, effects and mixing options. Maschine won’t ever approach this level of functionality and it shouldn’t. I dig it for its simplicity. For me, it’s more an extremely flexible instrument and I hope it stays that way.