Does anyone know how to create more patterns with Session Guitarist Picked Acoustic?

Discussion in 'General Production Forum' started by Sseltenrych, Apr 12, 2021.

  1. Sseltenrych

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    I just bought the NI Session Guitarist Picked Acoustic VST and it's very nice.
    However, there is a fairly limited number of useful patterns.
    I went through the whole bank and found only three that I could possibly use in my song.
    It would be nice to have more variations to add to a song.

    I cannot find any way to construct my own patterns (only shortening existing ones).
    And I cannot see any additional pattern packs for sale.

    Also, it doesn't seem that the program uses Midi files for the pattern guitar. (except a single note that triggers the patterns)

    Has anyone figured out a way to create new patterns?
    Either inside the VST or by importing midi files?

    Of course you can create patterns in the Melody guitar with midi, but for some reason it doesn't sound as good and note transitions are not as realistic.
    I'm interested in making new patterns for the pattern guitar (Picked Acoustic) only, not the Melody guitar.
    I have scoured the manual, walkthrough videos, Google, and tried to get customer service from NI, all to no avail.

    It's a pity there isn't a way to get more variety in the patterns, as they sound so good.
    And yes, I have tried every voicing too...
    Specifically I'm looking for more patterns like:
    Uphill A voicing 5
    Uphill B voicing 2
    Old Street C voicing 2 (first half)

    Alternatively, if there is some way to get the Melody guitar to sound as nice as the pattern guitar that would be very helpful.
    When doing a comparison with identical sound settings, the Melody guitar sounded weak, and note transitions were abrupt, while the pattern guitar sounds like a real player.
  2. D-One

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    You can edit patterns, to an extent... Read the manual starting on Page 16 as it's a lot to cover in writing.
  3. Sseltenrych

    Sseltenrych New Member

    Yes, I have tried all those options in the manual, without finding anything suitable.
    When I narrow down the search to "Open strings" "Picked" and "4/4", it reduces the number of patterns greatly.
    Changing the start time of a phrase doesn't sound right on playback.

    I understand that these are pre-baked samples and it's probably not possible to manipulate them much.

    I am hopeful that NI will consider adding an expansion pack of 4/4 extra rhythms (to suit contemporary/songwriting styles).
    I think most customers would gladly pay around $30 for such a product (like the EZ keys products).

    Also, there could be many more useful rhythms created within a single style.
    For example, I find Uphill A and B are useful, but not C, D, E, F (which are uninteresting).
    If C, D, E, and F were replaced with more useful patterns, more similar to A and B,
    there would be enough variation to accompany a whole song.

    I believe you have the best guitar product in the world and am giving constructive suggestions of how to make it significantly better.
    Other guitar products may have 1200 patterns, but the guitars don't sound as good.

    Please let me know if you have any plans to expand the pattern library.