Does it exist any soundpool for sharing sounds for Kontakt?

Discussion in 'KONTAKT' started by phoenix, Aug 23, 2002.

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  1. phoenix

    phoenix New Member

    Where can I find sounds for Kontakt?

    I think NI should make a Forum for sharing samples(presets) for Kontakt.

    What do you think?
  2. B. Goode

    B. Goode Forum Member


    Ola, all K users,

    Hi Phoenix,

    I answer your "How do you sample with Kontakt?" post there

    "What do you think of the cd-roms you got with Kontakt?"
    I think they were really uninspiring and not useful at all."

    I personally get 2 positions on this subject...
    After listening for the second time & making my selection, my position isn"t the same than when I listened it for the first time...

    For exemple, after playing in piano-bar on a real grand piano for more than 1 year, I was of course disappointed about the NI Piano... Only 1 layer ?!?!?
    After listening to SF2, I have to admit that there is worst than that...
    In fact, it compete with my Roland A-90 master keyboard (piano card expanded)

    I can"t talk about all of the instruments; some are good, some aren"t. I believe that you will use mostly the first one.

    I bought Kontakt for an importation of traditional instruments samples.
    If the 5 CD"s library isn"t perfect, I"m sure I"ll use it quite often.

    The needs are different for everyone (I"d like orchestral sounds & I"m sure you wouldn"t)

    I"m not sure about what you mean by "uninspiring"
    I"m 27, but from an old school : I give my inspiration to the instruments ; I don"t ask them to do the same in the other way, even if they do.

    That"s just a point of view, and I"m not a professional composer yet.

    Wow... I didn"t expected to be so long...

    For the samples, have you looked for SF2 or wav"s?
    The importation isn"t perfect, but there are plenty on Internet.

    I totally agree with you for a NKI download page/forum on this Web site.


    John "B. Goode"
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