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Does the battery 3 library come with battery 4?

Discussion in 'BATTERY' started by yodaone902, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. yodaone902

    yodaone902 New Member

    I bought the komplete 9 dvds (not the ultimate). I know you can batch resave the battery 3 library so that it is compatible with 4 but where can i access the battery 3 library?
  2. Zizi

    Zizi New Member

    I have Battery 3 and Komplete 9.
    Battery 3 lib ~ 12GB
    Battery 4 lib ~ 4GB

    The best for me drum&perc kits from Asia/India/East/Africa are not included in the Battery 4 lib.

    You can access the Battery 3 lib only by buying it.

    Before installing Battery 4, I was thinking to sell my Battery 3, but now I can't imagine how to live without Battery 3 Lib :(
  3. fhahjee1

    fhahjee1 New Member

    I also miss mono direct outputs with LPX. I now have to choose a stereo out and pan it to hard left or right to use a mono aux. Wonder if that's LPX or B4 causing this issue.
  4. Airyck

    Airyck NI Product Owner

    I still have my Komplete 5 installer discs so I guess I'm luck enough to have the battery 3 library still as well. They really should just offer it as an optional download for battery 4 users.
  5. UltimateOutsider

    UltimateOutsider NI Product Owner

    I don't think there is any legit way to get the Battery 3 library at the moment other than owning Battery 3. It's pretty hard to find just Battery 3 second-hand, but sometimes you can find people selling old Komplete versions. Battery 3 was included in Komplete 4-8.