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Does traktor now run normally on ipad's with ios7.1 ? (mine still doesnt)

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR DJ (for iPhone and iPad)' started by jtrg, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. jtrg

    jtrg New Member

    I have a 64gb iPAD 2.
    Everything was fine on iOS6.

    Now when trying to beat match, everything skips...
    The audio skips, its unusable.

    Works fine on ipod 5th gen though..
    I am thinking maybe the problem is actually compatability with old IPAD models and I need to buy an AIR.
    The last thing think I want to do is invest for nothing though...

    Can anybody confirm their own story here.
    Thanks for help.

    I use the IPAD connected to an AMP to DJ at most venues, and need this working correctly once again/

    **UPDATE** I have an open ticket wth NI and I am questioning whether I need to synch all music in library first.
    Again though none of this was needed with iOS6 and it was a smooth experience.
  2. ardkor

    ardkor Member

    I would have expected the ipad2 to be having troubles with traktor, especially with increased load from iOS7.
    7.1 was supposed to reduce some loading from the older iphones though, so I would have thought it could do the same on ipad2.
    You could try backing up the ipad, then doing a full wipe of the operating system, install Traktor DJ on its own with a few tunes & see if it is still affected.

    Mine works fine on iPad Air 16GB. It wasn't too bad even with iOS7, but now with 7.1 there is less lag & it's pretty smooth again.
    The iPad2 is now discontinued & being replaced with iPad4 btw. Maybe Apple have realised the iPad2 has had it's day.
  3. jtrg

    jtrg New Member

    Thanks for the note - I may have to geta new ipad at this rate...
    Just for Traktor seems a bit much though!

    I was expecting NI to release a patch/update to be honest.
    I may call apple and see what they can do.
  4. trance alba

    trance alba Forum Member

    My own personal experience - iPad mini 64gb, latest traktor version, just upgraded from iOS 6 to iOS 7.1, seems to work but there's a few things that are different, the pitch lock doesn't seem as clean as before, there seems to be more artefacts in the audio with it on. Also, the UI of the decks whilst playing, the track doesn't scroll as smoothly as before. It's not noticeably jumpy, just seems much less smooth than before. I reckon these things all boil down to iOS 7 using up more of the iPads processing resources and leaving less for traktor. If I recall, the iPad minis (1st gen) have the same or similar processing power as an iPad 2.

    In summary - it's certainly useable, but with hindsight, I'd have stayed on iOS 6.

    If re-syncing your music doesn't work, and I can't see why it would make any difference, you may want to to think about resetting to factory defaults to get back to its original iOS.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2014
  5. ibob

    ibob Active Member

    I sold my iPad 2 for a second hand iPad 4 with ios 6 . Everything now works as smoothly as possible. It was worth it for no more visual stutters, and no more audio drop outs. Peace of mind I wish I didn't have to spend the extra cash though.
  6. Billymac10

    Billymac10 NI Product Owner

    Can anyone with an iPad 3 confirm whether I should upgrade from ios6 or not? I understand it has the same a5 chip as the ipad 2 but does have 1gig ram for apps up from 512 mb.

    Its particularly key for me as my s2mk2 works fine in ios6 so I'm not upgrading iOS until I know.
  7. ardkor

    ardkor Member

    The iPad3 has a faster processor than the iPad2 as it came out a year later.
    iPad2 is A5, iPad3 is A5X. Though the iPad3 has a retina screen, so that may put more load on the CPU.
    I would stick with iOS6 if I was you, unless someone on here has an iPad3 and confirm it works good with 7.1