Drag and Drop Audio...Does anybody have a better way?

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by BIF, Feb 21, 2011.

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  1. BIF

    BIF NI Product Owner


    I am still struggling with some workflow problems with Maschine as a VST in my DAW, Cubase.

    Last week, I had a great part all made up. It was only drums and percussion, to which I had other instruments I had already played and recorded into my Cubase project.

    So I drag/dropped each Maschine scene into an audio track in my Cubase project. I had to do some cutting and gluing in Cubase, and a little bit of swapping around, but after 30 minutes or so, it was sounding good. Or so I thought...

    Later, when I added a bass, I detected a bad-sounding "crunch". It's weird how that happens, you'll be working on something and thinking it sounds fantastic, until you add "that one" instrument that somehow reveals that the existing part(s) were not the best after all! Grrr!

    So I begin to investigate this crunch by muting each track in my Cubase project. The crunch goes away when I mute my Maschine audio track. Oh man, just what I did NOT want. That means now I have to go back into my Maschine scene and find the offensive sound, and re-import all of those scenes into Cubase!

    What a muse killer.

    Anyhow, I begin by un-muting my Maschine track (the non-audio one). Sure enough, it was one of the kicks playing a minor backing part to the main kick drum. This second kick drum had a transient that sounded just awful; like somebody making an offensive body noise. So a twist of the dial on that sound, and the offensive bodily-orifice crunch is gone. So next, I just mute that damned sound. The drums sound fine now, and it doesn't suffer from the now-muted sound. Yay!

    But now I have to rebuild my ENTIRE audio track for use in Cubase.

    There has GOT to be a better way than audio drag-and-drop of only one scene at a time.


    I prefer having audio tracks because sometimes it seems that Maschine doesn't always start on the correct portion of the correct scene at any given point where I start rolling my Cubase transport.

    Conversely, an audio track always plays back correctly. Additionally, an audio track is represented A LOT SIMPLER in the Cubase project view and in the mixer (only one track per sound, not a whole bunch of confusing tracks in the VST folder in my Cubase project). Finally, an audio track doesn't use hardly any resources unless I'm applying a bunch of effects to it.

    I was using Maschine 1.5 when this happened, but I have since updated to the 1.6 beta. So far so good.

    Can anybody here suggest for me a better way to either set up my tracks in Cubase or else find a way to drag-drop *ALL* of my scenes for a given sound into my Cubase project?

    Thanks in advance...
  2. Sparksta

    Sparksta NI Product Owner


    Only Way i Know Is to Mute all Sounds you dont want to Drag in Maschine. That Way you can copy every Sound on its own.
  3. BIF

    BIF NI Product Owner

    Right, but since most scenes are either 4 or 8 bars, I have to drag/drop a number of times just to get one track laid down for my whole song.

    Even bunching them up so that all HH sounds are on one audio track or all KD sounds are on one track, I still am forced to drag/drop for each scene and each general sound in my project.

    A simple song containing six or eight drum sounds and a half-dozen scenes could easily require as many as 48 drag operations. And I haven't even mentioned any other parts, such as synths, bass, or instruments.

    Normally I would consider using solo to reduce the time for this, except that I can't solo more than one sound at a time, so this wouldn't help me for those pads that have common sounds, such as the hihat example above using a couple of open, closed, and half-open sounds each.

    I feel like I'm very close, but at the same time, very far away.
  4. smithwessen

    smithwessen NI Product Owner

    set up your maschine to drag and drop midi instead of audio,

    finalise your arrangement get it how you want then drag and drop audio, thats how i used to work with maschine in a host,
  5. noiserot

    noiserot Forum Member

    Go to the File menu, choose Export Audio. You can choose All Scenes or Loop Range. And you can choose Master, Group, or Sound for your output. If you choose Group for example, Maschine will export each group as a separate audio file into the destination folder from where you can drag them into a DAW.
  6. BIF

    BIF NI Product Owner

    Hi Noise. (or is it "Rot" for short? :D)

    Thank you for the suggestion. I will investigate this when I get home.
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