Drag-and-drop consistency e.g. presets

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by d0stenning, Jul 6, 2019.

  1. d0stenning

    d0stenning NI Product Owner

    Please make user interaction consistent regardless of the "Mode" one is in.

    For example one can drag and drop a preset from the browser into a GROUP when in IDEAS or ARRANGE mode but not in the MIXER mode.

    As long as there is some kind of label or control indicating that X is Group n then dragging a preset into that area should load the instrument. drum kit or whatever.

    This is something that Ableton does extremely well and consistently. One merely has two guess the most obvious thing that ought to happen when one drags something from one place to another place in Ableton - and almost 100% of the time Ableton does what one would expect.

    Why can't NI be like this and fix all the obvious stuff missing that helps our workflow ?
  2. Bito

    Bito New Member

    Because NI is not ableton. Although both are from berlin...