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  1. HndsmDVL

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    I've been thinking of an easier way to do this... See Image 1
    That's me fading in a kick drum into the end of a scene.
    I primarily create EDM music on Maschine.
    It didn't take that long, to be honest. I don't 100% mind it.
    But, when I'm really in the zone and making quick changes to scenes and creating new patterns,
    It would be nice not to be stuck fading in a kick, or modulating a reverb, LP filter, ETC.
    A simple tool that you could click anywhere on the MIDI area, and drag it to your desired place creating an even line.
    It would adhere to the bar length of your choice as well.

    What do you think? IMAGE 1.png
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  2. Lowkus

    Lowkus NI Product Owner

    Perhaps a bezier line tool so you can draw not just a straight line but also curved lines. Though, that would be more difficult for NI's programmers, so maybe for now a straight line would be good enough.
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  3. Tim Verberne

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    Line automation would certainly be a welcome new feature imho. +1
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