"Drawing" modulator automation using a line/curve tool

Discussion in 'Feature Request Archive' started by bunderson, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Supercreative

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  2. Murq

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    Yeah please NI I need this function on a regular basis. I momentarily have to automate paramaters using maschine as a plugin in ableton which just isn't ideal.
  3. Nenenyc212

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    The inability to simply draw in straight point to point automation lines (or slope/curves, etc.) in the software can be frustrating and even surprising as compared to all Maschine's other excellent offerings. Its like a having a high end model car...... with roll up windows. +1
  4. charlie360x

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    Sorry for digging this up but I am also looking for a better automation feature in Maschine as described here, where I can draw a perfect curve using "dot-to-dot" feature (like in Ableton). At the moment I have to use Maschine as a Plugin in Ableton to draw a perfect automation curve which is a bit of pain, I'd love to use Maschine exclusively!
  5. will4laptop

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    @charlie360x don't apologize ... this thread is still very much valid! I (and I am sure many others) would love this feature for the ease of use, precision, and (as you raise) the ability to make Maschine more of a one-stop-shop.

    @NI, seems like a easy add with great benefits and user demand ... your move!
  6. Shisagi

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    Hopefully in a Future Update!
  8. Tooshka

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    Unlikely, v2 has been out a lot of years now, updates are few and far between and normally will just be a new drum synth or free plugin, no core updates like this.
  9. vinylsword

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    Its almost unbelievable that this hasn't been implemented already. Ableton introduced this feature I think back in version 4 or something like that. Not to mention they have so many other useful features like one click double-time and half-time midi sequences. Audio in/outs for say analog summing. Don't get me wrong Maschine kills Ableton in a lot of ways but Ableton has unlimited features. I feel like Maschine prob has a lot of features that I don't know about but the problem is there not the kinds of things you just stumble apon as much like with Ableton. Anyways if Maschine could implement all the little trick that Ableton has and keep up the pace it would easily be the #1 production program.

    Or even skip the Ableton thing all together and shoot more for a
    Pioneer DJ toraiz SP-16 competitor

    A hardware/software unit with standalone and midi mode, built SSD Hard Drive,
    and the ability to expand with all Native Instruments and 3rd Party VST's
    Also the controller layout could also focus on doubling as Mackie Controller
    with more rotary knobs and possibly some sliders.

    Integration is KEY since that's what Native Instruments and Maschine are known for
  10. khujo1023

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    +1 lets keep it going
  11. AntonA1

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    It seems they're too busy 'Jamming' on the Maschine dev team these days to take care of this essential request...
  12. CNW

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    This is another thing that should have been part of the software since day 1.
  13. khujo1023

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  14. Zigbert D.

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    Just want add another vote for this. NI has stated that future update plans are aimed at moving Maschine toward a total production environment from creation and ideas to arrangements to final finished tracks. This feature is necessary to do that. As it is Maschine is fantastic for quickly assembling ideas into an initial arrangement, but to then work on crafting the finer details, I have to move it into another DAW as a plugin, which presents its own problems.
  15. Aaron Wirtz

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    This is ABSOLUTELY the #1 thing Maschine lacks for me. I love just about everything else about it, but I can't go without this feature. Automation lines are shockingly easy in JJOS2XL on my MPC1000. You specify a start and end point and then the numerical values of each, as well as how far apart each point in the line will be, and there you have it. Once the line is drawn you can copy and paste any of the points to anywhere else. Super fast and fun, and can be done with just the cursor buttons and value dial. Couldn't we at least have this? Pretty please?
    Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 1.44.37 PM.png :
  16. Sangeeta

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    Count me in, it cant be that hard to implement a curve here.
  17. djthornton

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    Made an account just to reinforce how much this is needed. It is my #1 frustration with Maschine right now, just such a simple tool that would make everything so much more integrated. Please Please PLEASE implement this.
  18. Mode44

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    This is a must when song layer finally arrives ..... Using maschine in ableton as a plugin is hardly ideal when it comes to full track automation ......needs to happen as soon as possible
  19. walerandei

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    agree + 1 :)
  20. domsko67

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    +1 automation is shocking, has been since day 1, way too awkward and fiddly. Bussing useless as well