"Drawing" modulator automation using a line/curve tool

Discussion in 'Feature Request Archive' started by bunderson, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Xyenz Fyxion

    Xyenz Fyxion NI Product Owner

    NI... This may not be the easiest to implement. But, it is one of the most necessary things we are waiting on. I don't write any code, but I don't think this is like starting from scratch. There are already automation tools, so please take whatever time to add this feature (linear and curve automation) to the Automation in Maschine. It's literally been years that we were waiting on this change. +1+1+1
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  2. TimGodOfThunder

    TimGodOfThunder New Member

    Please add this feature. Its been killing me trying to work without it
  3. CH7

    CH7 NI Product Owner

    I suppose an option would be to 'smooth' the drawn in data. A bit like quantising does for notes. I'm sure there's a stock algorythmn for this smoothing operation. The real question is the limits of the interface to enter this information. They could borrow from the 3d modeling world, cgi etc,and adopt a form of 'b-splines'.

    Again this is all about an incremental 'one bit at a time' mentallity carried over from 8-bit programming, which is so last centuary. Workflow should be paramount, that and automation. You shouldn't have to be a geek to program a beat.
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  4. Hardscan

    Hardscan New Member

    NI anything happening yet on simple point to point line automation? I have 2.6 and still don't see this basic function. I am a Logic Pro user and really want to get deeper into Maschine but this lack of a simple feature just makes me want to give up, after using logic it's a real creativity killer. I'm using maschine studio.
  5. loachm

    loachm NI Product Owner

    ...I don't know for sure, but I suppose, we won't see a new automation tool in the v.2 cycle. However, not sure, if you want to use Maschine standalone or in Logic. If it's the latter, you can use the host automation curves to control Maschine's parameters - in the centre panel on the bottom left click on the little triangle. Choose "Automation" and "Host" and enable every parameter you'd like to automate. For standalone, you could use a virtual midi cable and something like Cableguys' Midishaper. However, using this some latency offset and midi drop-outs might occur.

    On page 2 & 3 of this thread you might some additional info about that...

  6. Hardscan

    Hardscan New Member

    Thanks for info. Using Maschine stand alone for now to fully get into it and learn the features before I use it in Logic, but I will have a look at using Logics automation capabilities cheers
  7. Brandon Mozzetti

    Brandon Mozzetti New Member

    +100 on this one. I want to use Maschine as a stand-alone. I can do everything else I want in this program by itself, and for years I have been wanting to be able to "draw" automation for filters, etc.
    I see it as rather tedious and counter-intuitive to have to add Maschine as a VST into a DAW like FL and have to deal with a bridge for the sole purpose of adding smoother automation more quickly.

    I love the humanized aspect of drawing your own, but for some things like build ups, drawing automation saves a ton of time and is more accurate/smooth. Please add this feature!
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  8. TRW

    TRW NI Product Owner

    2019 and still sucking at automation / no solution, NI...
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  9. Mizamook

    Mizamook NI Product Owner

    Kinda a big bummer to have to look for an answer to find out what I'm doing wrong or not understanding, and discover it's not me, it's dodgy, incomplete software that has been so for apparently 5 years, and they are not doing anything about it. Lovely kludge, Native INstruments. Another notch on the wall of frustration keeping me from fulfilling my work, which makes it more and more likely I'll ditch the whole thing and go with Push or MPC or just stay in a real DAW. Having to re-perform breath controller data with a tool that turns relatively smooth curves into jagged lines is bollocks. Same with the rotary encoders and touch slider inputs. Why bother having those nice controller inputs if you can't edit them later? Yeesh. Lovely toy, yes it is, but I keep finding reasons it is "only" a toy.
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