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Drop outs with Audio 8

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by johnechingas, Jan 25, 2009.

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  1. johnechingas

    johnechingas NI Product Owner

    I am running a dell inspiron 1420 core 2 duo 1.66 GHz 1667 mhz 4 gig memory With Vista

    I keep getting drop outs of sound when I use my Audio DJ 8. With Traktor programs and when I use it as my default soundcard. Example: In the middle of a mix using traktor pro, traktor 3 or scratch I get a 1-4 second drop out of sound. If I am recording the drop out is not noticable on my finished mix. Also, When I am watching a streaming video and the audio 8 is hooked up the same issue occurs.

    This only happens with my puter running vista. I use it on my other puters running XP and never have this issue.

    I have tried adjusting latency and tweaking my system as well as re-installing all NI software over and over and cannot get rid of this issue.

  2. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

    Do a search for DPC latency checker and run it. Evaluate the results and look for what is causing the delays and pauses in processing. Something is blocking your interupts could be driver or hardware or both.

    Possible candidates are crappy BIOS imp [Toshiba laptops is common], crappy ACPI battery or polling subsystem [HP, Toshiba Dell and Sony have both had this problem in the past] , crappy Card Reader polling implementation [with Ricoh chipsets is/was common], Autoplay, Audio Bus Drivers not sharing well Some internal Audio drivers using the Vista Audio Driver model were/arecrap for realtime audio], Extended button controllers and drivers [Acer, Sony, Toshiba] Slow USB Polling responses, Insufficient USB Power being provided to external devices, Atheros WLAN hardware/software [Mac and several PC vendors] Bluetooth [Mac]

    You have work to do, there will be silver bullet(s) but its different in most individual cases, start with understanding and using DPC latency checker.
  3. dbsoundz

    dbsoundz NI Product Owner

    I too have problems with drop outs in all Traktor Versions and also with e.g. Winamp and so on with this soundcard.

    I stopped looking around were the problem is... I optimized my PC as good as I can. No chance...

    I noticed that in my Vista envoronment it is not possible to stop this. Sometimes there are more sometimes there are less drop outs... but they still appears...

    However... I decided to install again XP. The audio priority is much better set in this OS. I now only run Traktor in my XP OS which I installed as dual boot. In XP everything works so damn great... never again will use Vista for audio...

    Just for your information... better use XP ;)
  4. kentadj

    kentadj Forum Member

    Think u can try to disable the "Restore Point" in vista and it could solve the problem. it did for me and i even disabled the cdroom which is a blueray burner.
  5. garysulter

    garysulter NI Product Owner

    I have the occasional problems when 1st startin Pro... Droupouts couple of times in first 5 mins... I thought this was down to it still readin tags etc tho... never more than 2 in 5 mins then no problem and not every time.... My laptop is used only for work and occasional facebooking so not to clogged up with rubbish.... I'm running Vista but really tempted to go back to XP to utilise my performance (also done all of the optimisation's on this forum). After the 1st 5 mins tho it runs like a dream no matter how much strain I try to hit it with (all timecode) :)
    Untill I optimised my laptop Pro was a no go for me.. now however I love it and really don't wanna use T3...
    A little work on my side and aint looked back... :)
  6. Just Lance

    Just Lance New Member

    I'm using Traktor Scratch Pro and had the same problem with drop outs and other glitches. I then discovered that Windows Vista has the audio and video set to "background services" as the default. If you go into "Performance Information" and click on "Adjust Visual Effects", then click "advanced" and change the "adjust for best performance" to "background services" that should sort your problem. I have a Toshiba Satellite U-400 and had the same problem. Did the above and have not had a problem since.Doing this is a lot simpler than installing XP. Occasionally I might have the waveform freeze for a split second but that is only when I have all my chat services(MSN,Skype,etc) open and recording and downloading or uploading. And lets face it, that is a lot for any processor to handle.;)
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