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Dubfire playing with new NI stuff.

Discussion in 'KONTROL S2 / KONTROL S3 / KONTROL S4' started by dj mutley, Jul 21, 2010.

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  1. lethal_pizzle

    lethal_pizzle NI Product Owner

    I've had a close look at the GUI and it looks pretty much as TPro does now, with a sampler in decks 3&4. So we may be looking at an update rather than an overhaul as regards to the actual software... I'll go 50/50 on whether the software is paid for or not...
  2. Miloopa Kid

    Miloopa Kid NI Product Owner

    :angry: :angry: :angry:

    if it does then i ll feel stupid to upgrade from Duo to Pro keeping my Audio4 dj . Then the audio 2 / 4 would be useless.

    Like the 50 % off for any upgrade during June :S
  3. Cid K

    Cid K NI Product Owner

    What's the track playing in the Video ?
  4. DiscoNova

    DiscoNova NI Product Owner

    On my opinion, the jog wheels look almost identical to the ones on CDJ-350 ... and those platters are "touch sensitive" - as can see from the following video...
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNOq0PPTHzs"]Pioneer CDJ-350/DJM-350 Performance![/ame]

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  5. diogo_semedo

    diogo_semedo NI Product Owner

    Basinga! New TSP! Hope it is not a paid upgrade. The color scheme looks pretty awsome and clean. You can distinguish the knobs from far (at least from the pics it looks like that).
  6. Punky921

    Punky921 NI Product Owner

    I'm hoping it's not a paid upgrade either. I feel like we'd need a lot more features to justify an upgrade price, unless it's something low like $30-$50.

    Or, if you buy this newfangled controller, maybe the update will be free? That'd be nice.
  7. DjStrategy

    DjStrategy NI Product Owner

  8. gregsully

    gregsully Forum Member

    Looks like only 2 effects knob banks (at top)... I hate dual use controllers. That said.. form factor looks to line up with an X1... So ideally you can add the two together for more knobs.
  9. electrogrimey

    electrogrimey Forum Member

    Cue a flurry of Kontrol X1 mappings to control the sample banks ;)

    Not hugely interested in the controller, but very interested to see whether the software is going to be how Serato Itch is to Serato Scratch, or a free update... I'd be happy enough with a paid update, but it might only be available with that controller..
  10. DJ Urkel Dee

    DJ Urkel Dee Forum Member

    I was just about to pay to get my V7's skinned for the Traktor mapping we did... Look like I'll be holding off on that for a while... Stay Tuned... Looks like much more mapping to come;)
  11. Rob909e

    Rob909e Forum Member


    Between Traktor Scratch, Traktor DJ studio 3, and the extra multcore cables...... (and that's not even counting all there other Production software I've purchased, You would think it would be a free update
  12. hank44

    hank44 Account Suspended

    I'm selling my AKAI APC 40! Guys if you had to make a guess. How much you think this will cost in the US? Thanks! GO NI!
  13. gregsully

    gregsully Forum Member

    Actually at the top.. right below the last knob on the channel chain.. there are only 2 buttons. I assume these are for effects. Has NI given up on supporting 4 effects channels on any of their controllers? (same with X1) Will the new version of the software even support effects channels?
  14. dj_walshyboy

    dj_walshyboy NI Product Owner

    It would be a bit of a sickener if you need an audio 8 for the sampler.. the other dj app's let you play drops over the sound on any channel.. this would be a bit odd of N.I. to decided to waste full channel(s) on sample slot(s).. fingers crossed they wont
  15. Sischo

    Sischo Forum Member

    When I saw during June the discount price, I already felt a new upgrade was coming out so guys, we are going to pay for the next release for sure.
  16. photojojo

    photojojo Forum Member

    Ean said on the DJTT blog post it would be in the DX price range. So your looking at $1299 or so which would make sense if it's going to come bundled with this new Traktor software. Maybe $1000 without the software if they release it like that.
  17. djproben

    djproben NI Product Owner

    Yeah if the sampler is tied to a deck I don't see how this is that beneficial -- ultimately people are doing that anyway using a deck with a track full of samples and specially prepared cuepoints. In fact you get twice as many hotcues as you do samples, it seems.
  18. robtronik

    robtronik New Member


    at that price point, then it must have an embedded Audio8 like soundcard too.

    That is good news, one less thing to carry around if it is more than just a MIDI controller.
  19. ZILCH

    ZILCH NI Product Owner

    oh man i just bought the X1 and now they are releasing this?

    With the new built in sampler the original X1 mapping seems to be outdated - they probably didnt plan X2/sampler yet when they released X1
  20. Gdawon

    Gdawon NI Product Owner

    I wish it had an integrated soundcard too, in the photos there is a Audio8 sitting just behind it:

    But in the skratchworx article they have one confirmation that it has an internal soundcard.

    Let's hope the later is true. Looks mean though.
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