E-voucher restrictions

Discussion in 'NI Website and Forums' started by deuce25, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. deuce25

    deuce25 NI Product Owner

    I think the huge restrictions on how we can use our e-vouchers really sucks. The fact that we can't use them on anything that is on sale or special offer and that we can only use one at a time is a joke. Not being to use them on updates/upgrades is just more salt in the wound.

    We've earned these e-vouchers with all the purchases we have made and our customer loyalty. We should be able to use them without all these stupid restrictions. To me, it's just a veiled gesture on NI's part with "Here's a voucher for all the money you've spent with NI but you can only use them on products at full price and also not on upgrades."

    Just my opinion.