Elapsed Time in millisecond?

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    I don't know if you can do it on the traktor, but if you can't, ask a moderator to move to request
    I came from another software, the one that rec on the box (laughs)

    in the song I'm doing right it would be 15.9 and not 16 seconds, it's hard to get it right without looking at the miliseconds

    (Elapsed Time in second not in millisecond) not liked =/
    where I bring my play tones, I can't hit the exact miliseconds inside the traktor,

    and another, do we have counters from the beginning to the end of Bars?

    Strong hug from Brazil, Traktor LATAM 4ver

    does anyone know how to make these adjustments? or you will really have to wait for an implementation on something that could already have come in the software.

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