Enable Auto Tempo in Ableton Link mode.

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by DirtyJawa, May 26, 2017.

  1. DirtyJawa

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    PLEASE enable the option to use "Auto" in the Master Tempo clock area, when using Ableton Link.
    This would allow the first-playing deck to set the Master Tempo, controlled by the pitch slider (instead of needing a separate knob to control the master tempo). This makes sure the master tempo is always matching the playing deck.

    I prefer this workflow for traditional DJ software (this sort of on-the-fly flexibility is what makes it great v.s. just using Ableton).
    I believe Serato maintained this capability when adding Link, and it's causing me to re-think using Traktor. I love Traktor's midi-mapping capability, customization, & control over FX though. (not intending to cause a SW ware, just stating competitors seem to have the ability).

    I love the capability of Link, but it currently breaks the workflow of adjusting the Tempo.
    The Pitch slider is useful for more than beatmatching (which is not really necessary when Synced, right?)
    The pitch slider lets you increase the tempo (and key, depending on your settings) to slowly progress up to the tempo of that next track.
    Auto would also let you drop that next track at a different tempo (such as half of the first track's tempo), resetting the master tempo w/o noticing any progressive change.

    These features are not so useful for Techno-style sets that stay at similar BPMs all night. But a lot of DJ's still throw in Top 40 of various Tempos... or like to drop by half/double between tracks.
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  2. Tatamix

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    Good request ! :thumbsup:
  3. Ethan Leo

    Ethan Leo New Member

    I agree. I would like to have this feature!
  4. djproben

    djproben NI Product Owner

    I second this request... It seems silly not to have this option; it renders Ableton Link close to useless for anyone who wants to use Ableton to launch clips on tempo in a relatively traditional DJ framework. In the meantime it looks like the pre-Link way of connecting Ableton and Traktor is the only real way to go?
  5. Sussudio

    Sussudio NI Product Owner

    Next month I'm playing together with another DJ at a big event. He is using Virtual DJ and we thought it would be nice to be able to sync both softwares through Ableton Link.

    Well.... the link is working perfectly, BUT it seems Traktor has some stupid limitations compared to Virtual DJ using link.
    The biggest limitations:
    - you cannot control the tempo through the pitch control of one of the decks
    - you cannot use the Auto Master feature
    - you cannot set one of the decks as Master
    - you cannot choose per deck wether you want to use Ableton Link or not.

    These limitations, pretty much make the link function in Traktor a one way street. Yes, I can sync to my fellow DJ playing with Virtual DJ perfectly, but after that I want the freedom to change my tempo, so I disable link. At the end of my my set, we get into trouble, because as soon as I hit the "Link" button, my Traktor syncs to the Ableton Link tempo and that will be heared on the dancefloor.

    The idea behind Ableton Link is : "Hop on to the same network and jam with others using multiple devices running Link-enabled software. While others play, anyone can start and stop their part; or start and stop multiple Link-running applications at the same time. And anyone can adjust the tempo and the rest will follow. "
    That last important part is just not true for Traktor, unless you want to key in the new Master tempo, or use Tap to set it. Why, why, why ????
    Please take a look at how VDJ solves this.
  6. shelvis

    shelvis New Member

    When using Traktor together with a software for light controlling, this is annoying and not comprehensible
  7. Eswe

    Eswe New Member

    +1 and +another 4 for everybody I work with