Enable host automation of parameters from hardware

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  1. basehead617

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    Maschine is at a great point with regards to being able to ignore the mouse and use only the controller. Far beyond any other solution. Changing colors was one of the big items that was software only but that is on hardware now.

    One of the remaining ones is not being able to enable parameters for host automation (or MIDI learn which I'm less interested in) from the hardware.

    Can someone think of an elegant way for them to implement it? I absolutely hate having to go into the plugin window and click on stuff.
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  2. HammyHavoc

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    This would be excellent.
  3. ymperial

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    I believe this can be achieved by MIDI learning your parameters of choice within Maschine, running it as a plugin, then recording the automations using the host's DAW's sequencer. I prefer to use Logic Pro as a host for automating in Maschine as it makes this process as simple as turning knobs while it's recording; however other DAWs can handle recording MIDI messages very differently. Hope this helps a bit.
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