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Equivalent of Technics 1200

Discussion in 'General DJ Forum' started by longestwinter, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. longestwinter

    longestwinter New Member

    I realise this is probably a very common question now but i'm not having heaps of luck googling answers so far. I'm looking at getting set-up with traktor scratch but my turntable is an old belt drive that I don't think will be particularly suitable to use it with. Many of my colleagues have strongly suggested getting a Technics 1200 but as most of you are probably aware, they're discontinued and so far I haven't found a used one for a good price in decent condition etc.

    Am I overlooking an equivalent or better one by another brand? I'm definitely not biased towards the Technics, i'd love to be convinced i'm better off buying a brand new one from someone else if I can but I just haven't been able to find many solid comparisons.
  2. gonzo.pete

    gonzo.pete Forum Member

    Vestax PDX2000 are extremely solid and have a powerful motor. I just sold one and you can pick them up for around £70 these days on the bay. They have a great set of features extra speeds/reverse/straight tonearm etc.

    When I started mixing it was basically Technics or Vestax running the show but recently I have been hearing good things about Stanton direct drive decks too.
  3. Mystic38

    Mystic38 NI Product Owner

    if this helps move you along, a belt drive is not "not particularly suitable" but more like "no use whatsoever".. :)

    you need a direct drive turntable so that you can directly affect rotation speed and it will quickly recover its set rpm (scratch) and have control over pitch/tempo (fine tune speed control).. after that you pays your money and takes your choice.. :)

  4. djchrislee

    djchrislee Forum Member

    technics certainly arent the be all and end all, read some reviews on stantons. vestax are excellant, but belt drive is not worth bothering with, you may as well skip em, i think they actually hinder the learning process. ;)
  5. Simonej

    Simonej Forum Member

    I have the Reloop RP-4000 M3D, same engine of technics, they are fantastic!
  6. sicknote

    sicknote NI Product Owner


    look detailed wow&flutter...

    Reloop RP-4000 M3D

    Model 3 speeds, fully manual
    Drive quartz-controlled HIGH TORQUE
    direct drive
    RPM 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM.
    Start/Stop time < 1 sec.
    Starting torque > 1600 g/cm
    Flutter < 0.15% WMRS
    Dimensions 450 x 352 x 144 mm
    weight 9.8kg

    Technics SL-1200 MK2 Features

    * Quartz Synthesizer Direct Drive
    * Quartz locked +/- 8% pitch adjustment
    * Aluminum Diecast cabinet
    * Heavy Rubber base able to absorb vibrations
    * Wow & flutter 0.025% WRMS, +/- 0.035 & peak
    * Rumble of -78dB
    * High Torque motor (1.5kg(cm)) allows quick start-ups
    * Low mass S-shaped tonearm with height adjustment
    * Weight of 24lbs (11kg)