Error message when loading tracks from playlist

Discussion in 'KONTROL S2 / KONTROL S4' started by The Fosta, Apr 9, 2011.

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  1. The Fosta

    The Fosta Forum Member

    I keep getting an error message when loading tracks from the playlists above the browser ".... could NOT be played due to a missing or corrupt file, unsupported format or DRM-protection"
    This isn't happening all the time, because yesterday I loaded the tracks and adjusted the beat grids then locked them with the padlock, but today they won't load. All my tracks are mp3 and all imported from iTunes library on my MBP. Some will load directly from the iTunes library folder but most will not.
    Anyone have any idea what's happening here?
  2. dannybyrne29

    dannybyrne29 NI Product Owner

    right click on track collection and click on consitency check.. then relocate the missing tracks to there new location...!.. you must of moved the tracks since you imported them or changed the title/artist..!
  3. Niems

    Niems Forum Member

    I have the same issue. Let me break it down:

    note: These issues all relate to ITUNES playlists

    1. there are some playlists in which all songs work 100%
    2. other playlists all give the same 'missing / corrupt' error for every track in that playlist
    3. if you take a track in an iTunes playlist which Traktor thinks is missing, and put that track into another playlist which works in Traktor, then sometimes all of a sudden Traktor can load it.
    4. ANY new playlists or tracks added directly to the music library in iTunes give the error in Traktor
    5. if a broken playlist is imported to Traktor's playlist collection, it is also broken there. HOWEVER, locating the 'missing' tracks using the relocate function will fix this.
    6. ANY track in a broken playlist is also broken if searching for it directly in the entire iTunes library using Traktor.
    7. Traktor does not offer the 'relocate' function on iTunes playlists and tracks.
    8. I have not moved any tracks on my HDD. They are all in the same top directly on my local drive. Even recreating the playlists from scratch still gives the error
    9. even if I don't use ANY playlists at all, any new track added to the library gives the error

    CONCLUSION: I cannot play any tracks from iTunes which were added up to about a week ago :(

    This really baffles me. There is no clear way for me to replicate the bug! It seems to only be repeatable if you have the issue in the first place.

    NOTE: it would be ok to copy all the playlists into Traktor's collection, but seeing as I use iTunes frequently for casual listening and iPhone sync, consolidating two sets of playlists continuously will be a daunting task.

    This issue has occurred in TP2 and TPS4, identically.

    Setup: Macbook Pro 15", Sandybridge i7
    OSX 10.6.6
    TP2 2.0.1, TPS4 (latest)

    Any help appreciated!
  4. chris damentalist

    chris damentalist Forum Member

    I had this and had to re build my 2Tb collection in itunes :(
    Make sure that you havent accidentally changed any of the path names...

    Mac Hd isnt now MAC HD
    or your ext drive was 2TB WD and is now 2 Tb WD

    any changes like this can make it go belly up.
    I had this and all my Itunes played in itunes, but got thr redstripe and"missing files or DRM" in traktor.

    Ask Karlos, he recalls my greif.....

    Do you have a time machine backup you can refer to?
    PS always good to make a backup of your documents/native / traktor xxx folders, and also itunes library xml files

    For times like this to check.
  5. DjLovesick

    DjLovesick New Member

    I am a one week old Traktor"user" coming from Serato(not selling it yet) and have the same problem.

    Opening tracks in the iTunes folder no problem opening in the Track Collection error.

    Even this forum is buggy on my Mac.

    Not a happy "switcher" yet
  6. Count Zero

    Count Zero ModerAUtor Moderator

    Hi Lovesick, Welcome to the forum.

    Have you run a consistency check on your collection? Does it report missing files. If so hit relocate files and see if that helps.
  7. DjLovesick

    DjLovesick New Member

    Hey Count Zero,

    Thank you for the reply. I think I found the problem.

    All my music is on a external disk. And for some reason Traktor located files on my System disk. And does tracks he could not find.

    I think it has something to do with the two iTunes folders( I know I a messy guy)

    So I guess so far so good. Allthought I bought a falty S4(1 fx knob doesn't respond) a week ago, and apperently there is no exchance program at NI. I'll have to send it in repair, not a very nice service I think.

    Anyway back to learning Traktor
  8. Niems

    Niems Forum Member

    There IS an exchange program. have had mine replaced by my local dealer. NI were very helpful when I posted a support ticket.

    As for this problem, I think I'll have to rebuild my iTunes :(
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