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External mixer -- No sound out

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR 3' started by vincxiamen, Feb 27, 2010.

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  1. vincxiamen

    vincxiamen New Member


    first of all here is my configuration:
    - Macbook w. OSX 10.4
    - Firewire Audiophile
    - Traktor 3.3
    - Vestax VMC 004XLu

    I used to play with a Vestax VCM 100 with the mixer internal in traktor and as I am progressively moving out to time coded, i have now the mixer and shall get the decks later on.

    In the meantime, i wanted to use the mixer as an external mixing tool to traktor 3.3. In the output routing of Traktor, i select channel 1 & 2 for the deck A and channel 3 & 4 for deck B. The Audiophile FW sound card has two stereo outputs, which are each plugged into a separate channel of the Vestax VMC004.

    The master 1 is then wired to the speakers.

    Once this is done, I have absolutely no sound coming out of traktor.

    I have checked that the proper sound card is selected in the preferences.
    I have checked that the routing of the soundcard is correct.
    I have checked that the cables are well connected etc ...
    I have checked that Itunes or any other computer sound will play throught the soundcard/mixer/speaker
    I have checked that in internal mixer its still working.

    It just doesnt make sense to me and I do not see what is wrong. It must be that big a thingy to click or switch that i cant see it ...

    Anybody could give me a little hand here ?


  2. crucial d

    crucial d NI Product Owner

    do the input channels on your mixer work for other sorts of inputs?

    do the waveforms move in Traktor?

    make sure there is no effect switched 'on' i.e. the freeze delay can stop sound coming out
  3. vincxiamen

    vincxiamen New Member

    Thanks for taking time to reply. Here are my answers:

    Yes, I tried Itunes on both channels i want to use with Traktor ... no problem at all and neither with the routing from the soundcard panel.

    Yes they do ... Even the Traktor channel mixer shows there is sound.

    Checked, nothing is ON ...

    Its just too weird as everything seems to be set -up right BUT ... it doesnt work.
  4. vincxiamen

    vincxiamen New Member

    Alright, did the whole reinstall gimmick with saving of hotkeys and midi setup ... and now it works fine ... :) ...

    PROBLEM SOLVED ! :cool:
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