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Extra Folders In Track Collection

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by mrpud, Apr 27, 2011.

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  1. mrpud

    mrpud Forum Member

    Hi All,

    I'm a newbie to TP2 and would be greatful if someone would be able to inform of how/if possible my following question is.

    Under the 'Track Collection' heading there are a few folders which auto sorts the track in your collection i.e. Artist, Genre, etc..

    Is it possible to add your own folders and assign them to certain fields, i.e. Key, BPM etc... as I'd like to be able to quickly sort through songs by key.

    Also I've noticed when you right click on a folder you can add it in different ways, I know what the 'Import to collection' does but can't seem to find what the other to do (add as music folder)

    One last thing, I've imported a folder into the music collection, if I add a new track into the folder does TP2 know automatically and add it to the music collection or do I have to re-import the folder again? and if I re-import will TP2 know that some songs have already been imported and skip those or will I end up with 2 of each of the track which were already imported?

  2. milesahead

    milesahead Forum Member

    read the manual, my friend!
    i hate to say it, but it`s your only way to get started, especaially on questions like these, it`s all in there, one after another, you will know exactly how traktor works in this regards.

    adding tracks:
    go to prefs, and add the whole "parent" folder, (the one that holds all the other folders where your tracks reside).
    then, once the tracks are imported, analysed and such,
    it`s the best bet to put new tracks into a new folder and import just that.
    you can sort them using playlists.
    you can of course add your own playlists. more then that, you can add folders, that can have different playlists in them, and folders for other folders for playlists ....
    you see - if you go 1-2 times over the whole thing in the manual, you will be just fine
  3. stroumf77

    stroumf77 NI Product Owner

    about your last question : preferences ->file manager->music folders (there you add the folders of your music).
    Then preferences->file manager-> Import music folders at startup
    So EVERY TIME that you open TSP2 , TSP2 automatically add the tracks that are in the folders that you have add in the ''music folder'' area.*EVERY TIME*
    But ATTENTION the ''import date'' at the tracks info gonna be always as ''today'' .
    I mean if you open TSP2 today (28-4-2011) all the tracks will have this date 28-4-2011 and when you open TSP2 tomorrow (29-4-2011) the tracks gonna have 29-4-2011 as ''import date''
    because TSP2 thinks that all these tracks are new everyday you open the TSP2.
    But you dont loose the analyzed of the tracks from the past days and you are not gonna have double tracks in your ''music collection''.

    Since now havent found another way to do that job.

    My opinion is to add your new tracks manually.
    I hope that i help you .
  4. mrpud

    mrpud Forum Member

    Thanks for your reply, I've been through the manual which along with your reply has cleared up a lot. I knew about the playlist, I just hoped there would be and way to auto complete it like with the other folders in the track collection. It just means I'm gonna have to make manual playlist for each thing (let the boring times roll) would rather be spending the time mixing instead of creating playlists and sorting the tracks into the correct lists.
    Thanks for your reply you've been helpful, just a few questions please
    1. Say I've imported a folder (as above) then I add a track into that folder within windows, when I open TP2 will it take long for TP2 to find the track that is new?

    2. will TP2 add all the other tracks again (overwriting pervious) or does it just update all the date imported with that days date? (if just the later, no probs as the dateimported has no relevance to me)

  5. milesahead

    milesahead Forum Member

    you`re right,
    i also would rather spend more time mixing then preparing.
    but this is just the way i found to be the most reliable one.
    there`s the software i decide to go with, and it has it`s ups and downs to my workflow.
    somehow, i just had to get along with it.
    the way i use it, i need a lot of pre-preparing. but on the other hand, that helps me to get to know my tracks well, before i even go out to play them,
    i think twice about if i really want to import a certain track into my collection or not.
    there is a certain way that you have to make up yourself, to make use of the given possibilities.
    everyone is different, and therefore, it`s hard to match the needs of all the different kind of djs around.
    so, i think the making of playlists helps me to find around in my ever growing library of now almost 3000 tracks - and even more:
    it helps me to "find" the right kind of tracks in the "right" moment.
    setting up several playlists is boring at first, but with all the tracks available,
    i think it is kind of a worthy spendt time.
    think back of the vinyl days, you would have to go over your collection, to decide ahead of a gig, wich ones you are going to take with you.
    now, i just prepare some playlists, ahead of "every import" - vs ahead of every gig.
    that way, after you make up a good way of adding tracks to playlists -
    you will end up with playlists that really makes sense to you,
    and help you to have a good set of virtual vinyl-cases to your disposal. all the time.
  6. mrpud

    mrpud Forum Member

    Hi Milesahead,
    Thanks for all the advice, you're right about the vinyl days, I remember them well. The funny thing is, back then I used to wish for a way to have my whole collection with me each time I play out and now that I can, I think it has made me lazy in regards to preparation, as now I just start playing and just end up picking song in alphabetical order (big No No, I know).

    I think now because the list is sooo big (around 5000 track) - it becomes hard work to find what you're looking for.

    The annoying thing is I've just done all this sorting out using Pioneer's Rekordbox software but due to limitations of cdj's in comparision with Traktor, I've decided to sell my cjd900's and djm2000 and replace them with an S4.
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