F1 midi mode function be careful.

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  1. zephry

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    Midi mode for the f1 is different from the S4. You can map functions to work along side the native map. But once you push shift+browse all those functions become only avail. in midi mode. The midi mode when activated toggles the F1 port between the user map and default(native) map. This does not happen with the s4 or any other controller that I am aware of. The software has to be restarted to use the usermap and default in conjunction.
  2. Count Zero

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    Not true. You can switch all of NI controllers without restarting the software.
  3. zephry

    zephry NI Product Owner

    Ok you are partly right.
    Here is my issue that is different from how the s4 works.

    I mapped a deck size to "shift" on the F1 to toggle much easier for me.
    Also mapped "browse" to toggle the browse window to maximize.

    What happens is these functions work when I start up and run traktor.
    I use them without having to switch to midi mode.

    This is normal for how the s4 works with a user map.

    But...with the F1 if at any time I push shift+browse to enable midi mode. Those functions will then only work in midi mode and are no longer available to use the way I want. Which is with the default map.

    I opened the controller editor to see what was happening and without "shift+browse" ever pushed the default map and the user map can have the f1 port selected.
    But once "shift+browse"(midi) is used. The default map port will switch to none in midi mode. And the user map switches to none when midmode is exited.

    Not until the software is restarted can I use the user map along with default.
    I guess to tell the truth I have note enabled midi mode on the s4 for a long time. So maybe it behaves the same I dont remember having this happen though.
  4. Pjotr123

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    I do not think this happened with S4. I used user mappings all the time with no problem. For the F1 it is different indeed.I added a second user map for the F1. That one behaves just as the S4. The default user map (NHL) does indeed switch inputs as soon as you hit Shift + browse.
  5. psynapse

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    I have extensively remapped my X1 for both HID and MIDI modes and have not encountered the problems you're describing.

    It sounds like you're trying to add both midi and regular modes the the one mapping?
    You need to add your controller as 2 devices seperately ..

    Here's a shot of my Device Setup

    Now first you've got X1 - Traktor.Kontrol X1 (KontrolX1)
    That's the controller in its HID mode. That's what you get when you choose [Add] - Traktor - etc.

    Then there's psy/OPs X1 midiGRID - Generic MIDI (Traktor Kontrol X1 - 1)
    That's the controller in its MIDI mode. That's what you get when you choose [Add] - Generic Midi, and then select the In & Out ports to point to your controller.

    This way the two modes are completely seperate, and traktor is communicating with it seperately via either generic midi or direct device connection as required :cool:
  6. zephry

    zephry NI Product Owner

    "That's the controller in its MIDI mode. That's what you get when you choose [Add] - Generic Midi, and then select the In & Out ports to point to your controller."

    Only problem is with the F1 you can only add via the cc commands in a generic midi. And I am not sure what each of those are or been able to get any of them to work.

    With the s4 "add s4 user" that works along with the s4. It does not behave the same.

    Have you tried the F1?
    The behavior is definately different.
  7. psynapse

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    You can't choose a function to map, click the [Learn] button, and press/move something on the controller?

    That's how I've mapped anything and everything i've wanted to in Traktor.
    No idea which CC refers to what button or knob on my hardware! :lol:
  8. zephry

    zephry NI Product Owner

    Not trying to be a poop. But have you tried the F1?

    Thats just exactly the problem you can not use the "learn" function when adding a "generic" midi device then choose F1 ports in/out.
    Only clicking the dropdown menu and choosing a "cc" number or "note" is available. The "generic midi" mapping (when mapping the F1) works like the mapping for the led output (pre- 2.5 update) for my nanokontrol. you have to select the "cc" (which is control/change)number.

    The "learn" is available when choosing add "F1 user" but the above explained issue of the software enabling/disabling the user map.

    It definately is different. I still use my user map functions which are only some decksize/layout toggles. I just make sure not to oops push shift+browse.
  9. vitor420

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    The "midi mode" and "user map" are two diferent things. You get in midi mode in PREFERENCES - TRAKTOR KONTROL F1 - MIDI MODE TYPE = MIDI MODE. Now when you press Shift + Browse you get true midi mode and can add generic midi mappings and use the LEARN function to add CC commands. In true midi mode the F1 wont toggle off the default mapping when activated.

    Basicaly there`s 3 modes

    - Traktor.Kontrol.F1.default = Remix Decks Mapping

    - Traktor.Kontrol.F1.User = User Map (Similar to midi mode but uses HID like commands)

    - Generic Midis assigned to F1 = True Midi Mode

    User map mode is very frustrating it toggles off "F1.Kontrol.default" and enters "F1.kontrol.User" when you press Shift+Browse. So you can have only one mapping for the "F1.kontrol.User" you cant have multiples user maps assigned to the F1 like generic midis. And its worst if you have two F1s like me you cant have both in User Map at the same time. When I press Shift+Browse on my F1-1 it activates User Map but if I press Shift+browse on the second F1 the first will toggle off user map and the second will enter the same map. If you add two user maps and try to assign one for each F1 it will result in a huge bug that you will have to restart the traktor to be able to use any F1.
    Now you`ll think OK true MIDI mode is way better Ill use that. Not if you are planning to use LED feedbacks. LEDs are only mapable via User Mode. You could map via the Controller manager app (not traktors) but it wont be in sync because it is not midi out send from traktor. So yeah big let down.