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FCB1010 Expression Pedal Issues

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Andrew Robinson, Oct 10, 2019 at 8:59 AM.

  1. Andrew Robinson

    Andrew Robinson New Member

    i bought an FCB to enhance my live performance. I'm using it with the actual Maschine software and not Guitar Rig.

    I've programmed the expression pedals to the corresponding CC of the regular pedals and I'm not able to control the know when adjusting the pedal. Its been quite maddening really. All I can do is turn the parameter on or off. I've looked up different troubleshooting issues but I don't know if I'm missing something. I've calibrated the pedals, but I'm sure if there are multiple ways of doing this.

    I also seen people talking about the chip, but I don't know if that is suitable for me if I'm only using it on the Maschine software.

    Any Midi Experts out there? PLEASE HELP!
  2. Howl

    Howl NI Product Owner

    i have a working fcb-1010, the pedals work. bought it for guitar rig. it can do other things of course.
    programmed it myself with the help of a small program, that isn't available anymore, i think. i have it.
    it is a long time ago that i programmed the fcb-1010. i installed the program a year ago again, and it has a bug, that it looses its settings, but there is workaround, but i have forgotten that.
    if you give me time, don't now how long. i can give you the program. but with time i mean: figure out, how it worked without problems, it is "small" bug.

    ow i found it, why didn't i found it earlier... well... i don't know for sure, but it also seems updated...

    give it a try..

    EDIT: programming can also be done with the controller itself, but you must not set only the CC parameter, but also it's min and max value... that i think looks like the problem..

    EDIT 2: i remember that you can program it in several ways, even 2 CC parameters, and values can toggle, or switch me thinks. so, i hope the program helps, it really seems updated.
    i bought the fcb-1010 in 2013 and used the program version from that time.

    and it is by a dutch guy, yeah!

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  3. Andrew Robinson

    Andrew Robinson New Member

    So everything you have mentioned above I have done. But I figure it out. I was calibrating the expression pedals in the wrong direction or wrong value so they weren/t corresponding. I finally got it work, however now the expression values are jumpy. I don't know if it the engineering in the pedal. but if you go back and forth on the pedal the value changes but then jumps to the opposite position. Until you move it again it gets back in the position based on the programming but not from where you physically intended to leave it. So thats something else, I'm going to have to figure out.
  4. Howl

    Howl NI Product Owner

    ok. yes calibrating, didn't thought about it. mainly because, they are calibrated correctly, and not jumpy, on my controller.

    mmmh strange behavior. it must work, it can be something you have overlooked, or i... google is always your friend...
    i am not in my studio, i reinstalled my pc, of my studio, so i will install the new fb manager, will look into how my settings are.

    o yes, do not use CC parameters as 7 or 0 or 64, 7 is volume for example, 64 sustain, 0 mod wheel, use "not used" CC values.
    perhaps that can cause the problems.

    EDIT: you say that you programmed known CC parameters to the pedals, are there any other midi controllers that send the same CC values? CC automation within maschine?
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  5. Stephen Bish

    Stephen Bish NI Product Owner

    I've had one of these for years and never got very far with it. Lack of application on my part. It is very powerful but very hard to set up. Mainly (personal opinion here) because there are so many options as to how it can be used. There are some good tutorials on You tube which I have gotten somewhere with in the past. I'm at the point of wanting to get it working for live solo gigs as a guitarist/vocalist. Mainly because feet are all I have left to work with. My biggest problem is knowing exactly what I want to do with it. Then comes the process of arranging that on the unit. There's what, 10 banks? Each with 10 foot switches and 2 expression pedals? As far as I know the expression pedals can have different uses on each bank. Sort of becomes a logic nightmare trying to figure it all out in a manner I can remember on the fly while busy with guitar and vocals, but man there are just so many ways it could be used.
    It sounds like the problems you are having with the pedals, and here I assume you mean the 2 expression pedals, is either a calibration issue or a setting in the software they are controlling. I have not yet got as far as setting them up but as I understand it you need to sett a max and min value for each. Nice to see some discussion of this unit here though and I will be watching this thread and adding to it once I get my new desk set up.
  6. Howl

    Howl NI Product Owner

    with the manager, link in a post above, it is easy to setup. it isn't that difficult. but i agree, how to set it up, to your needs. the manual is also very clear, i recall.
    i have one bank, for guitar rig, and works perfect.