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[Feature Request] Tracks Dynamic Sort

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Stephen Kay, Apr 15, 2020.

  1. Stephen Kay

    Stephen Kay New Member

    After the "Tracks Search Multicriteria Filter" this is an other feature request inspired from RekordBox.

    In the main Browser, the User may sort the rows, according the content of any column, when clicking on the column title (e-g. Key or BPM)
    When clicking on a column title the first row on the top has the 'lowset value' or the 'highest value' of the column - I would call that a 'static' sort.

    Now when playing a track, the interresting thing is hunting any tracks we can get that would match the best. As fast as we can - in order to do the perfect matching depending on the ambiance we want to switch - to keep - to breack etc.

    So a 'static' sort may do the job, but this is contextual to a Collection, a Folter, and it may not be easy to find both adjacent key and closest BPM.

    A Dynamic Sort would be contextual to the current focused deck track.
    It may be enabled .eg simply clicking on the first column on the left of the Tracks Browser
    The first row would be the current focust deck track
    Then, the next rows would be the 'closest match' to that track in the current Collection / or Folder / or Filter (see Tracks Search MultiCriteria Filter)

    The algorithm of the 'closest' match would be based on both adjacent key and BPM. If adjacent key not available, it would be the key.and BPM
    The algorithm should take care of both of these main criterias, computing a scalar value used for sorting the table.
    BPM + 1% is closer than BPM + 2%
    BPM + 1 % is closer thant BPM - 1% (accelerating is easier to listen than decelerating)
    from 2d, 3d is closer than 4m (not an adjacent key)
    from 2d, 2m is closer than 3d (both adjacent key, but 2m just a note different)

    With such a feature available, the result of the dynamic sort sould take care to ffetch out only a limited number of rows (eg 30 max) - in order to prevent from perfomance issues - and that is is not interresting to get the full list of the collection sorted with unwanted / unmatcing tracks at the bottom of a >1000 rows list.

    However, we can then imagine that this new feature, clicking on the first table column title at the left of the Browser (should have a clear name like "DySort"), should be available as a toggle-on toggle-off feature. I mean than clicking on the "DySort" button, the Browser switches to this behaviour, and then the user may click on any other column in orter to sort on any additional critera.

    For instance, Dynamic Sort on, the User may sort on "Genre" and the dynamic sort comuptes again on all the tracks of the Collection / Folder in order to give a new view according of both the closest match and the additional column sort criteria. This feature should not be based on current fetch result (or maybe it could at least witth some preference).

    Thanks a lot for liking and feed-backing - and any discussion around this new feature suggestion highly appreciated.