Feels like Maschine is going the "abandoware" route....

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by RobLo, Dec 25, 2019.

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    You have broken your NDA.
    Lock your doors, they know where you live.

    For more info on how Maschine has not been abandoned please refer to the "open letter" thread written around sixty years ago.
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    ALDREAD NI Product Owner

    Technically, no , because they have officially announced it , plus I moved two weeks ago and I’ve not updated my address yet . :)
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    It's probably because this has been discussed extensively before, every time the subject pops up active users who have been around since forever tend to feel like it's a 'known thing' and forget there are new users and lurkers here. I link treads for clarity but others might not have that patience or just got tired of repeating themselves.
    No problem.

    More flexible MIDI routing or the ability to have MIDI FX won't take away any responsiveness any more than using VST/AU instruments that Maschine already supports. There's a higher chance of a VST inducing latency than a simple MIDI FX, think complex plugins like Ozone, it adds a ton of latency but many dont mind it and still use it inside Maschine...

    No, they do not use a lot of computing.
    The DSP math algorithmics inside a synth, reverb, saturation, distortion, etc is by far more complicated than MIDI math, something like Massive X should be a million times more resource-heavy than a MIDI FX, Chord Generator, Scale Snapper or anything along those lines... a Scale generally has 7 notes or less so it's really common low-level calculator-watch math. afaik.
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