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Final Solution To Audio Drop Outs Crackles Etc Using Traktor S4

Discussion in 'KONTROL S2 / KONTROL S3 / KONTROL S4' started by supertrampdiscos.com, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. makar1

    makar1 Forum Member

    The operating system is not the only difference between a Mac and a Windows laptop. My Air runs Traktor flawlessly on Windows 8 without any optimisation whatsoever, and is probably due to better hardware design which so few manufacturers care about.

    Raw processing power is of course irrelevant once you meet the required specs. I had Traktor running nicely on my old Core2Duo Windows laptop, albeit with a few tweaks.
  2. zephry

    zephry NI Product Owner

    Yep Mac is definitely pricey too. I don't know the full differences of each general OS, but I do know that most people are comparing the s4 with controllers that have no soundcard or comparing to sound cards without midi.
  3. stephen_v_aguilar

    stephen_v_aguilar New Member

    Its been years since I first took to this thread. I had my whole period of trying this and that. But ultimately, you gotta call it for what it is as many people did here in my side of the world. After this "performance issue" spread, the price of this unit dropped greatly and I regret purchasing this as soon as it came out.
    I havent used the s4 out on a gig since it dropped on me because even after all the updates the tweaking etc. if you dont use an external soundcard it will drop,pop and crackle.

    8g ram i3 Aspire 4745g
    Windows 8
  4. BurnerRPM

    BurnerRPM New Member

    I have the external sound card, my s4, and my F1 all through a usb hub that goes through 1 cable.
    Don't get me wrong. The S4 and F1 to me are an unbeatable combination along with traktor and worth the external sound card that cost me $65. I love it.
  5. djben9

    djben9 New Member

    just so I have something else to look at....;)

    what sound card did / have you used?

    to be honest, at home I can plug the S4 into the desktop win 7 PC, no problem, laptop though, Win 8, all be it less ram, is faster, but its annoying is doesn't work well as I cant lock myself away in the shed! :D:D
  6. BurnerRPM

    BurnerRPM New Member

    I have the M-Audio. I'm not sure of the model# but it has 4 level control knobs. It also has an analog input.
  7. jpdspin

    jpdspin NI Product Owner

    Well hello every one.
    I'm probably one of the last S4 owner that had snack,crackle, pop problem and didn't know about this thread.
    You might say I was patient to live with that problem for 4 years now and 3 PC's later. Well I have tried my best to find a solution, but I was only looking on the Latency side, like NI hope you would do.
    Like a lot of you, I'v tried different recipes and the only one that work for me, was the addition of a External sound card!

    Imagine, some car companies have try to drawn the fish, even if they had, some peoples die in there cars because they didn't do there homework and other manufactures waited couples of years before doing a recall probably because it was more profitable.

    So saying that, I would be surprise to see Native Instruments make a excuse or general statement of any kind regarding the S2-S4 sound issues.
    Keeping in mind that, there is a very small chance that you die because of your S4 has a direct cause . You could have cancer due to stress of trying all the different esoteric recipes.

    What I think has a customer?

    Mad and frustrated.


    well if you read the 37 pages of this thread ( under Native Instrument roof, isn't it ironic ) you know why !

    Would you consider buying another product from our company?

    You have some very good products and other are not up there. So after my experience with the S4 and seeing how your company put their head in the sand, I have to say NO I wont buy another product from Native Instrument and certainly not a new product like the S8.

    Two weeks ago I almost surrender, I want to play music and make people dance, I'm ready to put the effort but I'm not not enjoying the fact that I spent half of my time reading and trying to understands the world of computers. Good knowledge is more then welcome but being a computer wiz...not my cup of tea

    It's funny to see how Native Instrument try to democratize traktor, make it more, accessible to everyone with creative approach , has you can see with all those beautiful video. I wonder if the volume of new customers is more profitable versus time spent to satisfied their active base.

    Seriously 37 pages in that threads plus couples of dozen on the same subject in other threads and other popular sites!!! 4-5 years, I wonder ?

    Well they probably tough, it's better to bring on, the market a new toy and hope people will buy it and forget about the one that we sold before.

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  8. KLH

    KLH NI Product Owner

    I've forgotten about this thread! I've used the S4 for so long, I'm on PAGE 1!

    Anyways, it's been over four years with the S4, three laptops, and three OSes (Win Xp, 7, and 8.1). I only had problems with the initial driver. Since then (in 2010!!!), I've not had any issues. Yes, I had to check out new computers with the DPC Latency checker. My only real problems occurred due to poorly written ACPI Battery drivers on my first Dell laptop.

    Since then, I've had no dropouts or issues when performing live with my version 1 S4. I say that it's been a great product and has stood the test of time. I have since added an F1 (a year ago) for the remix decks. I'm now thinking of adding another for the freeze/slicer modes on the new v2.7.

    Of course, YMMV and some of you won't experience what I have unfortunately. Just remember that DJ software and laptops are constantly changing. NI does what they can... and I am deeply thankful. Great job everyone. THAT is the final solution.

  9. german.pccn

    german.pccn New Member

    I've just bought an S4, had this problem, then stumbled upon this thread...

    Have NI said anything about this yet? I'm on a newly bought I7 8GB ram ASUS laptop under Windows 10. I shouldn't be having any hardware problems...
  10. Ghost_On_Da_Maschine

    Ghost_On_Da_Maschine NI Product Owner

    Ironically enough I tried comparing using my S4 on Win7 to using S4 w/Fastrack on Win7 and the CPU was higher using a second interface.
    No pops or crackle either way but was curious to see if it made a difference.
  11. Woodzee

    Woodzee New Member

    I've been using Traktor for a number of years and all of a sudden it sounds like an unearthed deck. I re-wired my speakers checked the laptop direct through the amp. The issue it seems is with Asio4All after a Windows 10 update they have previously done a debug but this no longer works. Using WDM fixes the issue but the sync buttons go to one fixed bpm and not matching the loaded track. Anyone else found this? It seems to me most Traktor users I know don't use Windows 10 but I had to buy a new one last Christmas and try getting one without Windows 10.