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Discussion in 'Feature Request Archive' started by Emdeka, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. Emdeka

    Emdeka Member

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new on this forum, I had maschine MK1 from two years. I always like standalone gear like MPC 2000XL, Roland MV-8800 ect. I'm electronic too so when I bought Maschine I started to thinking how to bulid standlone device. Today my child is born. My maschine has built in mainboard, core 2 duo processor, 4GB DDR, HDD, and all stuff like in laptop. It has battery inside so i don't have any cables, I take only my maschine with me and I can make my beats - It's crazy. It has also build in ASIO In/Out card with headphone amp - everything you need in one device - for those like me, who likes old standalone gear like MPC it's just awsome. Currently I'm working on phono stage which will build inside I attached photo of my Standalone Maschine. Enjoy IMG_20140219_183856.jpg IMG_20140219_183907.jpg IMG_20140219_183915.jpg IMG_20140219_184010.jpg IMG_20140219_184017.jpg
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  2. BombBeats71

    BombBeats71 Forum Member

    Oh man that looks sick ! You sure put a lot of effort in that Maschine and i am sure that you made something that a LOT of people would like to have aswell, kudo's for that !

    How do you deal with adding sounds ? Wifi or a hidden Usb port ?
    Also, how do you deal with the features that do require a computer screen/mouse control ?

    Once more, you outdid yourself and it makes me want to make something like this for myself.
  3. Emdeka

    Emdeka Member

    It has USB port and VGA on the left side (there is not visible on those pictures). It is possible to add wi-fi
  4. champamoore

    champamoore NI Product Owner

    Cool project.
  5. Uwe303

    Uwe303 NI Product Owner


    really nice and the build in usb sound card - what a great idea - love this.
  6. wordice

    wordice New Member

    AWESOME. It seems counter-intuitive that companies shifted from highly portable to a format locking users to a computer. The company BKE have a very good concept with their Beat Thang which is truly a Hybrid in that it can be used as a standalone hardware Device with everything built in along with a recargeable lithium ion battery or it can be used as a controller for its software counterpart on a PC or Mac. BKE Beat Thang however has very buggy software and some implementation issues. Man if you start modding these for other let me know as I want mine modded badly.
  7. phemox

    phemox Forum Member

    I agree. I'd like to see a stand-alone new version of machines like the MV8800 myself. I liked how it's just all in one box. Now with Maschine we need at least a laptop and still require power. Can't really use a field power supply either, because it's far too noisy.
  8. blezz

    blezz Forum Member

    Thats genius man, does it boot straight to the software?
  9. selfinflict

    selfinflict New Member

    so, how do you name stuff?? what if you save a beat, can you name it with the controller?? or do u have to hook in that keyboard and monitor???
  10. Lifer

    Lifer NI Product Owner

    Genius! I had been thinking of doing something similar by stripping down a mac mini/laptop..especially with the new screen navigations on the Studio. I don't think it will be long till Akai do something like this tbh..
  11. Emdeka

    Emdeka Member

    According to blezz, yes, it start straight to the software. First start to Windows screen, but after few second Maschine is lounched. I don't really named my stuff, it just "Maschine Emdeka mod". It was problem how to open new project without mouse or keyboard, thera are two solutions:
    1 - I have wireless kayboard with touchpad, I can also plug VGA monitor straight into my maschine - it has VGA out and USB on the back panel.
    2 - Before I start to make beats I created 10 or more new empty project and I named them (names for ex. from 01 to 10). Then I can open those project an work on them without mouse and monitor - just maschine and headpones:)
  12. Emdeka

    Emdeka Member

    Here is a few more pictures of my MASCHINE

    standalonehr16.jpg standalone3.jpg standalone.jpg
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  13. Komplete Tuts

    Komplete Tuts New Member

    Very cool!
  14. Uwe303

    Uwe303 NI Product Owner

    no problem - just add to autostart if you want

    This is sooo cool maybe i built my own thanks for that great idea :thumbsup::)
  15. alexbuga

    alexbuga NI Product Owner

    WOW! Freaking wow.
    I wanted to do the same with a USB hub + Soundcard, but I think I'm going for a cheap mac mini.
  16. KillerDoxen

    KillerDoxen Member

    That is slick!
  17. philkglr

    philkglr New Member

  18. Huboi

    Huboi NI Product Owner

    That's incredible. You should offer that as a paid service. Native Instruments should employ you to do it! That's fantastic.
  19. troublegum

    troublegum New Member


    there must be some consensus between laptop manufacturers and companies such as NI, akai, ableton, etc so they don't develop portable hardware with embarked OS. I guess that would be very bad for the laptop business.

    and this doesn't only concern maschine or maschine-alikes. but also products such as the S series, or some more complete live-oriented stations. even with standard smartphone specs we could have powerful portable samplers, DJ mixers/turntables, etc.

    no more laptop...
  20. alexbuga

    alexbuga NI Product Owner

    This remind me of the MPC Renaissance 2 that we saw in the Microsoft Keynote. It has Windows Embedded something and it runs standalone. Now that I'd buy:D

    Also, your Maschine looks freaking dope.... again :)
    How do you do input? BT keyboard?
    I'm researching a Hackintosh made from a Intel NUC, which will fit inside my Maschine stand.