First set of studio monitors - can't decide

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    It's been years of using Maschine MKII and now a MKIII and I've yet to have a set of studio monitors for myself which brings me to this rather subjective question I'll ask below.

    I have a small room where the dimensions are 14.5' x 11.5' and a ceiling height of 6' 6"
    For those who use meters that's 4.4 m x 3.5 m and a ceiling height of 2.0 m

    Placement isn't ideal as my workstation is in a corner L so one speaker would be in the corner and the other would not. I realize I can correct this with bass traps/foam etc but barring the semantics of all that I've narrowed my options to either

    JBL 305 or JBL 306P MKII
    Kali lp-6
    Adam tv-5

    The use would be a mix of using Maschine, some film editing/scoring and possibly using them as monitors for a CDJ setup.

    I do not have a local music store around me now to demo or try them out so these will be bought without having to hear/listen first.

    My main concern after researching year after year, is handling lower frequencies, say 45Hz on under as I understand adding a subwoofer makes it harder to get a good mix which is why I tried to split the difference with the JBL 306P MKII over an 8" monitor. Of course desk space vs the larger 8" is a personal choice and again, this is rather subjective. I've never mixed on a set of studio monitors so I honestly don't know what to expect or what I'm really missing. So any insight or experiences others have had starting from scratch could help!

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    I heard lots of good things about the lp6 and lp 8, but monitors are a personal thing. I would only recommend if you buy a pair, listen a lot of you favorite music on them, so your ears adapt the sound and get used to them. Also if one speaker is in the corner it can be helpful if you set the dip switches for bass different on both speakers, speaker in the corner set to less bass, and of course test it. I have a cheap mesuring mic and use REW (room eq wizard) that is also helpful.

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    And additionally also play with different distances, I saw too often speakers too far away in relation to the listener, then you have no phantom middle. So you can't really mix and place things correctly in a virtual room. For mixing and balancing bass some headphones can be really helpful, I use additionally to my speakers some audio technica but mostly beyerdynamics DT880 250 Ohms.

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    Guitar center sells these small yamaha speakers that sound great in small rooms. It's the ones the mount on the wall in front of their keyboards. JBL non pro stuff with the harmon kardon company aren't like the jbl's years ago. So the JBL name ain't what it use to be. Sorry, don't know the model number of the yamaha's but any guitar center can tell you. They probably use them in all their stores.