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"focus" sound without triggering it

Discussion in 'Feature Request Archive' started by StirHouse, Mar 2, 2009.

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  1. StirHouse

    StirHouse New Member

    There should also be a way to "focus" a given sound (so that you can adjust levels, filters, envelope, etc..) without actually triggering it.

    I was hoping that the sound select function would do this, but it does not.

    Does anyone know how to do this?
  2. jasefos

    jasefos NI Product Owner

    +1 from me for this to be implemented (unless it is a hidden function I simply haven't found yet).

    On Korg Electribe ESX1/EMX1 this was accomplished using <Shift>+<Pad> however <Shift>+<Pad> on Maschine is used for other purposes.
  3. Piccolo Tigre

    Piccolo Tigre Forum Member

    +1 too. Maybe there's a way to do it but i didn't find out what it is.
  4. audiomesh

    audiomesh Forum Member

    +1 shouldn´t be impossible to implement
  5. MarkDL

    MarkDL New Member

    +1 this seems like an obvious and really necessary thing!
  6. mattsg27

    mattsg27 NI Product Owner

    While not perfect, my workaround has been to touch the pad ever so lightly. Thankfully, the pads are sensitive enough that just grazing it will focus on the sound with out being audible.

    But I agree, maybe something like [shift] + [select] + hitting the pad would work.

    Or maybe that darn F1 button ;)
  7. zonco

    zonco Forum Member

    +1, I also caress my pads ever so softly to select without getting a sound, but another way to do it would be better.
  8. digilog_

    digilog_ New Member

    select sound in livemode without playing it

    first i find machine great.

    but there is a missing feature for play around with maschine i think that's important:

    if i am in live playing mode and i wanna select a sound eg for editing some effect i need to press the specifed pad an the sound is selected. the problem is that if i push the pad the sound will be played - i think thats not so optimal if i only want to modfiy something on the fx unit.
    it would be good if i can choose if the sound should be played or not or the another possibility would be to solve this problem with the select+pad button.

    ps. i know if switch to step sequencer i could handle that, put that not comfortable.

    another missing feature is solo-mode with more sounds but that's explained in another thread.
  9. Piccolo Tigre

    Piccolo Tigre Forum Member

    +1 I think that's important too to be able to select a sound and edit it without playing it on the controler.
  10. alexbuga

    alexbuga NI Product Owner

    Has anyone tried with the Select button ?
    I'm curious if it works
  11. rocadaburn

    rocadaburn Forum Member

    It does not. Select is only for making a selection of part to which the shift+pad functions can be applied to; the sound and fx menus via the encoders / LCDs are only accessable after hitting (and playing) the pad :|

    +10 for selecting sounds without playing it!
  12. Driftz

    Driftz NI Product Owner

    I found in STEP you can select other sounds by using the UP and DOWN keys (right LCD) .. this is not very comfortable imho.

    I have no other idea how to switch sounds, apart from clicking with the mouse.

    SELECT+PAD only lets you select the "notes" of that particular sound in the current pattern, not really sure of the use of that in e.g. the STEP context, would be so much easier just to have SELECT+PAD to focus on another sound. Or SHIFT+SELECT+PAD
    coz that seems to do exactly the same.

    2 words from a newbie (got the maschine 6days now)
  13. andyt

    andyt Forum Member

    select sound without hearing it play

    how do you select a sound without hearing it play? i want to select sounds and change them but not trigger them in a live situation.

    by selecting the sound i mean choose between the ones loaded in the 16 squares of the currently playing pattern. i tried select but that does not focus the sound on the one i want to edit. focus is given by touching the pad, triggering it, i want to know how to select it without triggering it. thanks for any help you can give. i can't find it in the manuals.
    oh i figured it out you can browse samples in step mode and edit them "behind the scenes" very cool.
  14. continuous

    continuous NI Product Owner


    I thought you could do this with the shift + select button but it must have been a dream. It's def necessary function in my mind.
  15. andyt

    andyt Forum Member

    Just to clarify, you can give a sound focus silently in step mode with the up/down buttons- problem solved!
  16. BoucheMandela

    BoucheMandela New Member

    yup thats been my work around as well, switching to step mode, selecting appropriate sound slot, switch back to control mode and tweak away. While it's not the most efficient, it gets the job done.
  17. random23

    random23 NI Product Owner


    this really should be done with the select sound option. that's the most obvious method. if you select a sound, it should be selected for editing the parameters and also applying shift+ functions.
  18. taoyoyo

    taoyoyo NI Product Owner

    +1. echoing everything above, essential for on-the-fly tweaking which is very much maschine's ethos is it not? ;)
  19. Ritchie_Jay

    Ritchie_Jay NI Product Owner

  20. GavinR

    GavinR NI Product Owner

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