Footswitches and Pedals with Kore 2

Discussion in 'KORE' started by BIF, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. BIF

    BIF NI Product Owner

    I happened upon this while reading the Kore 2 manual PDF today.

    I must admit, I am a bit embarrassed that I have never considered attaching a footswitch or pedal to my Kore 2.

    Of course I do have them attached to my MIDI keyboards, one of which is a synthesizer whose internal sounds I still occasionally use.

    But I am now wondering how much am I missing out by not using foot controllers and pedals with my Kore 2. Your thoughts?
  2. arachnaut

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    I try to use every sense and limb when I make music.
  3. BIF

    BIF NI Product Owner


    Okay, I won't go there...

    But I will say that I only have two feet. And my Novation has one switch, while my Triton has a damper and an expression pedal. How to play yet another one on the Kore?

    Or should I unplug the expression pedal and plug it into the Kore?

    Still trying to figure out how I would make this work...
  4. arachnaut

    arachnaut NI Product Owner

    I wish I were so clever as to have made that as a joke, it is funny that way, but I was being serious. I meant, by senses, my mind and emotions; and by limbs, hands and feet.

    What were YOU thinking?

    I've always used a foot controller and mod wheel. Way back when I had a PCM70 I used them to modulate reverb params in real-time. The PCM 70 was very easy to glitch - it didn't have enough real-time to do everything.

    I have a foot controller and sustain/hold pedal - these are usually easy to map/remap in lots of ways in nearly every piece of music software. I also use XBox game controllers and some MIDI tools to map them.
  5. BIF

    BIF NI Product Owner

    I was thinking about ice cream. What were YOU thinking? :D

    But seriously, thank you for trying to help; it is much appreciated, all kidding aside.

    I guess what I'm having difficulty with is the concept of using a foot pedal for anything other than damper/sustain, and then having to give up sustain for something else. Yes, I admit that I have a very "piano centric" worldview.

    Maybe "hearing is believing" and in this case I'll only get the concept by trying it out. I'll try it out.
  6. geoelectro

    geoelectro NI Product Owner

    I use my pedals from my keyboard because I still use the keyboard sounds. Also, I can control what channels the pedal transmits on. My thinking is moving pedals to the kore controller will cause me problems with the keyboard built in sounds and, I'm not sure I gain anything.
  7. BIF

    BIF NI Product Owner

    Good points Geo, and that is the same reason I'm hesitating (except of course to experiment).
  8. theoryzero

    theoryzero NI Product Owner

    I use sustain pedals and continuous control pedal (aka mod wheel for the foot) that are hooked up to my main keyboard. It's my main MIDI controller in my setup, so that data gets routed into Kore if I choose to as well. It's not necessary to hook up the pedals directly to the Kore hardware.
  9. a1mixman

    a1mixman NI Product Owner

    I've posted about this in the past as I was curious too, but didn't get too many resplies. hopefully most ideas can be posted.
    Would you be so kind as to explain this in greater detail kind of like a tutorial on how to set it up? What applications are you using this for? It sounds like fun!:)
  10. arachnaut

    arachnaut NI Product Owner

    I use a standard XBox USB controller designed for Windows XP. You can buy these for about $20 in most game stores.

    Download the free VMidiJoy ( and install on Windows.

    Configure the buttons and joysticks to map to MIDI controllers and output onto a MIDI Yoke channel.

    Use MIDI Yoke as your MIDI In in a VST or DAW.
  11. arachnaut

    arachnaut NI Product Owner

    Link: The Windows drivers for the Gameboy USB device are here

    Another device is the Logitech Gamepad F310, you will want a driver called LGS510.exe which is generic.

    This is the model I bought and I had a little trouble installing this until I installed the Microsoft Gameboy driver first.

    It allows you to customize the layout of the joystick and swap controls, etc.

    You don't need the Logitech driver, but you do need the MS driver.

    Go to the device manager and find the controller then click on properties to open the test and calibration page.

    The MS driver allows you to test all the buttons and calibrate the range of the joysticks.
  12. Mist Enthalpy

    Mist Enthalpy NI Product Owner

    can't figure it out

    Hey All, as you can probably see by the number of posts I have made, I am not much of a forum type of guy. And for me to come here asking means I have exhausted every other avenue, but I need some help so... figured I would ask and hope someone is kind enough to provide me with some insight into my problem.

    ok, what I am trying to do:
    I want to control the Transport Area of the kore 2 software with a foot controller. I need to be able to start and stop a performance with a foot controller rather then the kore 2 hardware (hands free type thing).

    I see that the software is recognizing a midi signal coming from my foot controller (which is connected to the Kore 2 hardware controller via midi cable) by the midi light/bar on the Global Header, as well as by the button light on the kore 2 hardware unit and the button icon located on the Global Controller bar in the software. But I can not get it to operate the the Transport Area in anyway.

    I have also tried with a pedal connected to the foot switch 1 port on the kore hardware unit and get the same result as the pedal board connected via midi cable

    I am using the Roland FC-200 midi foot controller and I do have pedal 1 of that controller set to send FA of type signal. So I guess my question is, how do I map it to the Transport Area in the kore software?

    If I can control the Transport Area on the on the Global Header, I will continue to map other functions to the FC-200 foot controller, but unless I can figure out how to start and stop a performance with the FC-200 foot controller there is no use in me setting anything else up.

    any advice would help at this point,

    Mist (James)
  13. djOrloff

    djOrloff Forum Member

    Hello All!
    I also tried tune footswitch with Kore 2 hardware for HandsFree transport control my Reaper, but recently purchased Laney Footswitch NAB 7089 calibrated (feature of Hardware tab Kore2 preference) with an unpredictable result and generates random commands :))
    Please share information about the compatibility footswitches with Kore2, or how else use my foots for transport control? :)
  14. joe_b

    joe_b NI Product Owner

    In my Live-Setup I use several Pedals and Footswitches, all Yamaha or Roland, to Control all kinds of parameters.
    The Sustain Pedals are connected to my Synth and Master-Keyboard, Expression Pedals and two small Footswitches to Kore.

    Use of Expression-Pedals:
    Most times Volume Control (Slowly fade in Strings or Synth Pads)
    Changing Effect Parameters while playing

    Use of Foot Switches:
    Switch Performance Presets
    Slow/Fast Rotary Speaker
    Bypass/Enable sounds or effects when I can't spare a hand at playing
    Tapping Delay/Arpeggiator Tempo

    Make sure you configure the range of your expression-Pedal's controlled parameter to suit your needs.

    The controlability is one of the coolest things among Kore!

    If you need your Expression pedals/foot switches on your master keyboard you can simply configure it to transmit the controller signals to it's Midi out, where kore can receive it. In Kore you can then decide whether or not you want to use this specific midi control-change number.

    You can reconfigure the controlled parameters for every performance-preset!

    I consider using pedals and footswitches very useful and I don't wanna miss them in my live-setup!
    Did you configure the right trigger mode for your foot switch (on press/ on release / on-off)?

    I don't know if Kore requires specific types of foot switches, but I can tell you it worked with EVERY switch/pedal I ever tried...
  15. Mist Enthalpy

    Mist Enthalpy NI Product Owner

    I have come to the conclusion that the Kore 2 Softwares' Transport Bar can not be controlled by anything except the the Kore 2 Hardware Controller and the computer's keyboard.

    With that being said, NI community member, moss, has modified a piece of open-source software called, Auto Hot-Key, ( to do some cool things when running along side Kore2 software. To my understanding, Setlist Manager (Auto Hot-Key) could be further modified in order to use a midi foot controller to emulate the keyboard commands that start and stop a performance; I just don't have the required programming skills to make the modification.
  16. djOrloff

    djOrloff Forum Member

    Probably I don't accurately put..., specifying: i use Kore 2 hardware in MIDI mode for control Reaper transport commands through footswitch..
    I already tried above-mentioned Laney and yesterday purchased Yamaha sustain pedal, but in mode "on-press" they both generate a series of multiple MIDI-commands, regardless from Trigger mode, selected in Control Editor. In other words, on press "Down", the MIDI-command repeatedly restarts.
    And it clearly seen on MIDI-led indicator on Controller Editor.
    About recalibrate i know.
    What does it depend? Why Kore 2 controller receivec "down" in this way?
    or there are footswitches, which operate differently, generating single only trigger command?
    of course, that pedals is set to "Footswitch IN", not "Pedal" on Kore 2 hardware
  17. Mist Enthalpy

    Mist Enthalpy NI Product Owner

    Most foot pedals that connect to a device via 1/4 TRS jack, send Cc messages (Control Change Messages). If I understand your problem correctly, you are going to need a pedal that sends MMC messages (Midi Machine Control Messages). A pedal that sends MMC messages will most likely have a midi port/connection and require a midi cable to run through the "midi in" on your Kore 2 hardware.

    I have not used Reaper, but it might be an good idea to verify that Reaper will recognize an MMC type of message (I am guessing it does, any good DAW like Cubase, Pro-Tool, FL Studio, will).

    I would completely remove the Kore 2 hardware from the equation and use a USB midi interface. Then connect a pedal like the Roland FC-300 or the Behringer FCB1010. Both these types of pedal should send the proper (MMC) type of message to Reaper; assuming you set it up correctly.

    If you use the Kore hardware to control other aspects of Reaper leave it connected, but I would not run another midi controller through it and expect things to work as planned; even when in midi mode.
    I have found Kore hardware and software really nice to work with as a VST plug-in when recording, but for stand alone, live performances (for the way I need it to work - hands free) it falls short. I will probably end up putting both the hardware and software up on ebay soon, and purchase another product for live performances.

    Good Luck,
  18. djOrloff

    djOrloff Forum Member

    Footswitch - not MIDI device

    I think, that footswotch itself do not send any MIDI command, this work carried out Kore 2 hardware through connected Footswitch trigger Up and Down
  19. groovedealer

    groovedealer Forum Member

    can you elaborate a bit on how to set up a foot switch to switch performance presets? I just can't seem to figure it out...
  20. Kymeia

    Kymeia NI Product Owner

    Been trying add a second expression pedal but only one seems to work at a time - is this a limitation?