ForceSampling - Electro Acoustic Ensemble (20$, 200+nki, Percussion, Drum Library)

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    Electro Acoustic Ensemble is a collection of 100+ drum & percussion sounds made from analog and digital synthesizers. The goal was to emulate the sonic properties of acoustic drums with electronic tools using a variety of different techniques and tools. The sounds comes split into 6 categories: Electro Acoustic Ensemble, Modular Drums, Metallic Hits, Compressed & Vultured, Piano Strings & Springs and Layered. The small and simple interface provides control over a "close" perspective (the dry sample) and a "stage" perspective (a sampled digital room response) as well as attack and release parameters. The mod wheel provides EQ and the pitch wheel filters the sound with a low pass and a high pass filter. Due to the nature of drifting oscillators there is a one shot version and a version with 5 round robins for every sound.


    Technical: - 216 nki patches for Kontakt
    - 350mb samples in .ncw format

    Requires: - Full and latest version of Kontakt 5 or 6
    - Electro Acoustic Ensembles is NOT compatible with Kontakt Player

    Contains: - 102 sounds, with and without round robins
    - 6 Menus for the different categories
    - Solo patch for every sound