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Discussion in 'TRAKTOR 3' started by dj_smex, Apr 17, 2007.

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    Feature Request:


    Thanks for the effort! How about a side by side comparison of two uploaded tks files? Would help those of us who don't actually know what we're doing reverse-engineer from those who do! :)
  3. dj_smex

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    Feature Request

    Just so I'm clear, do you mean a MIDI TKS a long side a Keyboard TKS? Or do you mean comparing two different MIDI/Keyboard TKS files?

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    but lights work with this tks?
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    h...what? wrong thread!
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    Does it work under Traktor 3.3? thanks!
  8. dj_smex

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    It will, however, it doesn't as yet include any of the new midi/key controls such as the Deck - Scratch controls.

    I'm currently working on upgrading this, so that it will support V3.3 and also include more advance info such as auto-repeat, resolution, midi control type IE analog fader / knob, Rotary (3Fh:41h) ...

    I'm also looking into extending the viewer into a file share, so people may share keyboard/midi settings for various setups & controllers.

    Please bare with us, as this is done in my spare time and haven't had much of this of late.
  9. dj_smex

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    TKS Viewer Update


    I've now added support to reflect the new controls in T3.3. Note, you now need to select version T3.2 / T3.3. This is due to a control in the Deck - Scratch options clashing with a FS control.

    Below are a list of new controls in T3.3:
    Deck Load into Stopped Deck
    Deck Loop Length
    Deck Toggle Master
    Deck Analyze
    Deck Jump Length #1
    Deck Jump Length #2
    Deck Jump Length #3
    Deck CD DJ Jogg
    Deck Scratch Jogg On
    Deck Scratch/CD DJ Jogg
    Deck Scratch/Browse Jogg
    Deck Scratch/Seek Jogg
    Scratch Absolute Mode
    Scratch Relative Mode
    Scratch Internal Mode
    Assign Deck to Scratch Control on Ch A
    Assign Deck to Scratch Control on Ch B
    Scratch Pool Loading (clashes with FS Pool Loading)
    Scratch Calibrate Input A
    Scratch Calibrate Input B
    Scratch Monitor Scope Mode
    Scratch Calibrate Input C
    Scratch Calibrate Input D
    Assign Deck to Scratch Control on Ch C
    Assign Deck to Scratch Control on Ch D
    Browser Tree Create Folder

    All the other controls have remained the same as before.

    As mentioned before, I'm working on upgrading this TKS viewer into a view/share site. I will post back with my progress and hope to include more detailed info with options for comparing 2 tks files side by side, colour preferences, table sort etc.
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    I've done that on Nov 19, 2007 - but Hotkeys list only; look it up in this forum.
    The Midi list is a little bit different; I'll deal with that soon.
  11. dj_smex

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    Thanks, much appreciated.
  12. dj_smex

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    New TKS Viewer Update

    I've now added full information for both the Hotkey & MIDI TKS files. This now includes all extended hotkey options such as Auto-Repeat, Resolution, MIDI Control Type IE Button / Fader / Rotary etc.

    Looking to further improve this service by having TKS file shares, ability to change the sort order on selected column, compare 2 TKS files, show/hide columns, help reference etc.
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    Hi, I would appreciate if you could send me the tks. file with the midi adjustments to operate the xponent with traktor 3

    Greetings.... YORCH DJ........from Mexico :D
  14. dj_smex

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    Hi, I'm sorry I don't have this TKS file nor do I have the xponent controller. However, if I come across such a file I'll gladly forward it on.

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    I was hoping there was something to do this .. thanks alot..
  16. HAZIEL

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    Hello i'm new here i just boought a very simple midi controller the M AUDIO X SESSION PRO does any of these links work with it thanks Haziel
  17. dj_smex

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    Hi Haziel, welcome!

    At present the TKS viewer is there so you may get a printer friendly view of any hotkey/midi settings you have done via T3 prefs. The few example files are taken from the NI site.

    However, I do hope to expand this service so that people may share their custom setting files with others like yourself.

    To make your only hotkey settings, you use the hotkey section of T3 prefs. There's a chapter in the T3 manual which explains this. I've also wrote a reference to help explain the various controls available as hotkeys, hope to be included in a future manual update.

    best wishes,
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    Works great. Except the Master Volume and Monitor Volume is missing.
  19. Thereflex

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    Tks file for Novation remote

    anyone made one...if not i guess i will try myself and post up wen finished.
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    Hey there, Just recently got a Behringer BCD3000 and T3, but I don't understand from your tks files how I am supposed to assign my midi controls?

    It all just looks like a table of numbers and commands :confused: