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Free Shipping to Australia Cancelled?

Discussion in 'Sales Questions (Archive)' started by Jon_Snow, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. Jon_Snow

    Jon_Snow New Member


    Just curious as to why the free shipping has been removed to ship products to Australia?

  2. slackboy72

    slackboy72 Forum Member

    This is interesting to note.
    My Maschine Mk 1 had free shipping and it came via DHL.
    It took nearly eight weeks to arrive by boat. DHL are absolute rubbish.
    That said there are worse options.

    It should be noted however that @ $999+ we will get any Maschine Studios stopped by customs and have GST and customs added.
    I'd be surprised if you got one for less than $1300 delivered. Might get better service from ebay and USPS.