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General feedback on 1.8 did it meet and pass your expectations?

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Upright, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. Upright

    Upright NI Product Owner


  2. spanda

    spanda NI Product Owner

    That would make working with Maschine amazingly versatile.. I understand thats a big coding job as Maschine currently works with Modulation (except for Macros) and porting or bridging to Automation is a deep level rewrite. Kore works like that so NI know who to do it although there must be a reason they went for Modulation?

    Still when working in DAW/Plugin mode this would work around basically every issue I personally have as we could work with DAW sequencing/Automation completely. Perhaps if NI do go in this direction importing the midi from DAW back into Maschine for standalone use would be awesome..

    Maschine is obviously the future control centre for NI Komplete (as Kore is/was) so one would logically expect to see most of what we hope for become reality in the future..

    1.8 is a definite step forward with little back so thanks NI, keep it coming!

  3. apesong

    apesong NI Product Owner

    Agreed. That's a good one. I somewhat doubt if it will happen though.
  4. theinvis

    theinvis NI Product Owner

    I'm not coming back to the product, I've had a mk1, mikro, komplete crossgrade and komplete regular, and some other ni products forever…. tonight I was out to get a mk2……. I bought these products for what they can do and what they promise to do. Don't you think it's ironic that folks here put down hardware instruments all the time citing that the hardware beatmachines they don't like have not been updated enough….. yet people go all willy nilly when you say you expect a software instrument to be upgraded after 3 years to include the basics of software midi sequencing and sampling….. isn't that oxymoronic.

    The nature of software instruments is the promise that their upgrade path holds, that is why I buy maschines, everybody knows before they purchase a maschine that it will be upgraded with software features… how do they know you might ask…. because native instruments said/says so and ask for help.
    so I've bought maschine knowing/hoping that it would get better after all of these years…. I can't tell you how many times I've told someone who posted that they were going to sell maschine that it was a not so bright move and that imho they will regret it when Ni get's it's head out of it's bum and starts making decisions right side up. Hopefully that answers your question.
    that's all anyone is asking for……… what one would logically expect to see most of what we hope for become reality with maschine, no other software has this much push back from it's own users on a commonsense issue like this. maschine is breaking more ground in the work-around-advocacy than in being a groundbreaking drumsampler this kind of attitude is just unheard of……

    how many people do you know that use ableton live, logic and protools, reason and reaper and everything else… it's just plain uncanny the way things get pushed to the back around here.
  5. puzzlefactory

    puzzlefactory NI Product Owner


    The problem here is that this view is very subjective. The features that some people regard as necessary and basic, others don't.

    For instance i've been using music technology in one form or another for the past 15 years and i've never recorded an arrangement by recording mutes. Neither have i wanted to import a midi part into Maschine (export yes, import no). Yet these are two features that people seem to be getting up in arms about.

    On the flip side i would like to see sidechaining introduced, but i'm sure there are many people that have never used it and have no intention of using that feature.

    So it's all subjective. What i consider to be the "basic" functions of a sampling drum machine is the abilty to load/record and manipulate samples and then to sequence and arrange those samples. Everything else is just an added bonus.
  6. theinvis

    theinvis NI Product Owner


    I'm glad your posted that because that's my point. for the past 15 years you haven't used mutes or been into importing midi, but it's your use that is subjective, not the artform… for the past 15 years those things have been standard in the tools at hand in spite of your subjective choice to not use them…. which you could very well continue to do when and if maschine ever becomes on par with the current standards and past standards for that matter.

    you don't have to use the power windows in your car but if you got in a new car and it didn't have power windows you'd still wonder what they were thinking, unless it was a classic.
    btw I'm sure like you there are people who've not used side chaining on the forum but that's not the point, the point is that side chaining is a current standard, and as far as music production goes it's been a standard for like 20 years…. you see the pattern here. There is room for us to be subjective in our own usage but lets not act like we and ni are not aware of what the standards are, that only does us all a disservice.

    if ni released a midi spec with only 5 channels it would be their prerogativeb but it would in no way be on par with the standard….standards are how progress is made they're not the enemy, it's voices against reaching those standards and surpassing them that are the enemy of progress.
    and yes I want side chaining and think it's important too.

    JAHROME NI Product Owner

    This can be said about many things....but having MIDI export without the equally important MIDI import is odd IMO.

    Recording Mutes is a way of doing arrangements on the fly. A very good reason to get up in arms about.
  8. sowari

    sowari Moderator Moderator

    Rewire Support

    regarding Rewire

    i also doubt that it will happen. this has been a feature request for quite a few NI products over the years and i would guess that NI are not interested as it has not been implemented.

  9. sowari

    sowari Moderator Moderator

    being able to record Mutes and Solos has been a feature request since day one - same with side-chaining. my worry is that by the time NI implement it, side-chining will be unfashionable :lol:

    i really hope that the next update will be purely about long term feature requests and not about new features that we have not requested.

  10. Two Soldiers

    Two Soldiers Forum Member

  11. jpeg

    jpeg Forum Member

    id like to see

    pad layering 4 with 3 or 4 layers individual fx/filters on each level

    direct disk browsing from the hardware like the ren

    mixer fold away

    audio timeline sequencing with the daw like track view

    re-wire support

    mp3 support

  12. Fuselier

    Fuselier Forum Member


    or FM8 being thrown in as a sweetener
  13. topaz

    topaz NI Product Owner

    I really want to love maschine but there are so many things left out that I'm finding it very hard to.

    I guess if

    Midi import
    Multi Timbral and multi out plugin support
    Rx2 batch import with in sync preview

    Is added then maybe, but right now I am personally underwhelmed.

    Add that to the useless gift of maschine when I own komplete.

  14. CoolDerb

    CoolDerb Forum Member

    "Add that to the useless gift of maschine when I own komplete."

    I feel you on that. A good portion of Maschine owners already own Massive in some form already. Why not give us an option to choose something we don't already have?
  15. topaz

    topaz NI Product Owner

    Indeed, there really is no valid reason to waste a massive license like that.

    Very poor marketing management right there.
  16. Es-K

    Es-K Forum Member

    better than rewire..... a maschine "rack extension" :)
  17. LMSW

    LMSW New Member

    Much more stable than my Ren 1.0 software, so I am very happy. I did not think I would like the colors, but come to find out I love them. Easy to organize and adds some life to the black and orange.
  18. Hit-Man

    Hit-Man NI Product Owner

    That's what surprised me... I actually like the colors.
  19. Fuselier

    Fuselier Forum Member

    in my world Old Maschine was like a Terry's Chocolate Orange..more Brown than Black..now New Maschine is like um Quality Street. :)

    (I realise there maybe some confusing cultural confectionery references for anyone not from the UK)
  20. funky primate

    funky primate Forum Member

    im loving the fact that we can layer samples from the hardware now, and the pads lock when we prelisten the sounds, so no more sloppy hands type mistakes