Getting Kore 2 to recognize all your .ksds

Discussion in 'KORE' started by ew, Nov 4, 2007.

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  1. ruby the 2nd

    ruby the 2nd New Member

    I've managed to add all the ksd sounds. the problem in my case is the i can't play them. every time i open a ksd and not a kore sound, it opens in the input chanel a question mark wich says:" unable to load absynth or someting like that.
  2. b-righteous

    b-righteous Moderator Moderator

    I get the same thing for Kontakt experience. It tries to open Kontakt 2 and I now have K3 and K2 is not installed. I guess this is the same issue with absynth 3 patches trying to open in that version. Absynth and FM8 have updates with the old patches but I don't see anything for K2 or Kontakt experience. Any help with this.
  3. wonderingblinker

    wonderingblinker New Member

  4. vsukpadman

    vsukpadman NI Product Owner

    VST plugs not installed in original install

    Same problems here , however I do not have a 32bit VST plugins folder to direct KORE to as I didnt actually install the VST's only RTAS..
    Now if I try to reinstall the VST's ONLY from the install DVD, that option is now greyed out

    How do we install JUST vst plugs, to make all this work.
    any help appreciated !

    Bill p
  5. gsarant

    gsarant New Member

    Kore 2 & Komplete 6

    How do I get Kore 2 to recognize and add to library all of my Komplete 6 sounds?
  6. ew

    ew Moderator Moderator

    Welcome =)

    Read Henning's post above.

  7. vsukpadman

    vsukpadman NI Product Owner

    Could you please answer as to how to retrospectively install VST plugs ONLY (I installed rtas during my install) as it seems I need the vst plugs to make this all work.. I cant install them from the dvd as it has a red cross through the vst plugs

    im sure its simple!

  8. Peripatetic

    Peripatetic Forum Member

    I bought Kore 2 yesterday and am trying to figure out if I've set it up right with Komplete 6 (which I installed a few months ago).

    For some reason when searching the internet for info about Kore before I bought it, I neglected the technical issues forum here. My bad. I've done everything I've found in all the "why won't Kore 2 work with Komplete 6" threads: all the database rebuilding/scanning, all the paths are correct, unticked the "Hide unavailable sounds" box and got my sounds in Kore from roughly 500 up to 5506. Is that right? It still seems as if I'm missing a lot, isn't that number supposed to be closer to 10,000? Is this what the 2.1.1 update is supposed to fix or is there something else I need to do?

    MacBook Pro 10.6.2

    Thanks in advance.



    Also, I just thought of this:

    In my Preferences in Kore 2, the standard user path says "[Documents]: Native Instruments" When I go in Documents: Native Instruments, it has folders for all my NI stuff but the only one with any thing in it representing anything that looks like files is Guitar Rig 4. Everything else is either empty, has a bunch of empty folders in it (that are labeled, "Presets", "Sounds", etc but are empty) or has a "DefaultProgramLst.pls" file in it. Does that matter? I have always wondered why those folders are in my documents when most of them have nothing in them.

    EDIT: Again

    All of my .ksds (that's what I'm looking for, right?) are in Macintosh HD: Library: Application Support: Native Instruments: Shared Content: Sounds. Also, my Battery and Kontakt sample libraries are on an external harddrive (but I know Kore is finding at least some of them because some of their sounds are in Kore right now).
  9. Goloka

    Goloka NI Product Owner

    Kore 2 and Komp 6- NI Please help!

    I seem to have the same problem Have installed K 6 andKore 2 , however the Kore browser seems to only indicate the default factory sounds plus the free downloads (compilation 1 and 2) and the reaktor spark sounds that i purchased. I dont specifically see the sounds from the Komplete 6 collection. SHouldn't i be able to see this separately?

    I have rescanned the database and plugins. Can someone from NI provide some instructions on how to achieve this.

    IS it because the K 6 sounds are installed on a nother folder and should be on same as Kore 2? Is theer a way to assign Kore 2 to read multiple folders? Shouldn't the database scan achieve this?
  10. BloodyJoe

    BloodyJoe Forum Member

    The question is when there will be the KoreSounds for Komplete 6 download?
    Right now there are only those for K4 and K5!
  11. jsepeta

    jsepeta NI Product Owner

    I stupidly moved Kore 2 after installing it on my Mac, then I reinstalled to fix it, but now I'm seeing double or triple listings for my virtual synths. The first 1 or 2 fail with an item not found message, and the 2nd or 3rd listings work. How do I delete the ones that don't work? I figure there's probably a config file that I could edit.

    The error message states "error loading 319gb:Users:jsepeta:library:application support:native instruments:kore 2:database cache:absynth 5.component.aumu.clm5ksd: file does not exist.

    I no longer have a hard disk named 319gb because i cloned my original mac mini drive to a 500gb 7200rpm drive because the original drive was too small and too slow. the new drive is named mac mini. and i have no freaking clue where the original drive went -- somewhere in the mac mini box i guess, but i haven't seen it since april when i bought the mac mini.

    One more thing: when I select a duplicate sound from the list (duplicate sounds, not duplicate synths) right-clicking shows Delete as an option, but it's grayed out. How do I enable the deletion of invalid sound references?
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2010
  12. schwa283

    schwa283 New Member

    I have the finger, but it is not showing up in Kore Player, it only works through Reaktor. Where is the options menu so I can try the "hide unavailable sounds" method as described above?

    I just got komplete 7 a week ago so I am very new to this.. Thanks for the help!
  13. ananisimasa

    ananisimasa New Member

    Updated to the recent K7 .ksd update and everything looked good in the Kore player. Recently got Kore2 and after some forum reading and options tweaking, still can't get Kore 2 to have all the stuff that my Kore Player has. Any advice?
  14. andreas_gr

    andreas_gr NI Product Owner

    is there a way to show "the mouth" in kore2?
  15. arachnaut

    arachnaut NI Product Owner

    Surely... Kore is a VST host. The Mouth runs in Reaktor. Load the Reaktor VST into Kore and load the Mouth ensemble into Reaktor.

    If you have the Mouth for Reaktor player, then load the Reaktor player VST into Kore.

    The same reasoning applies to any other VST you own.
  16. andreas_gr

    andreas_gr NI Product Owner

    no, you have misunderstood me :)

    i would like to know how i can add all "the mouth" sounds in the kore browser...
    (because of the thread title "Getting Kore 2 to recognize all your .ksds")
  17. arachnaut

    arachnaut NI Product Owner


    NI didn't provide any Kore sounds for The Mouth, as far as I know.
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