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Bug Glitches, clashes, peeks after sound export

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by NTRLX, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. NTRLX

    NTRLX NI Product Owner

    Steps I did (accidentally)

    1. Created couple of groups
    2. Added notes to sequencer
    3. Create another group for AUTOMATION
    4. Router groups from point 1) to sound banks in AUTOMATION group (every sound bank had its own GATE)
    5. Sound export

    Effect: sound peeks etc.

    6. Export one more time. Song name is incremented by 1 automatically

    Effect: sound peeks etc.

    7. Export one more time. Song name changed by me.

    Effect: OK. No more peeks etc.

    There are many bugs in Maschine that happens on occasion and I'm not able to reproduce them but they can be easily fixed by doing some another action. However this reported bug happend to me the second time.
  2. CakeAlexS

    CakeAlexS NI Product Owner


    What plugins are you using ? Some plugins can give different results during playback each time (by design).

    Most people stuff a compressor and limiter on it or just use lower levels.
  3. NTRLX

    NTRLX NI Product Owner

    Windows 10

    I know what you mean by "different results" and it was definitely not a kind of side effect. The whole song sound is repeatable from the beginning to the end whenever played back from Maschine. One additional remark to my observations - I played back the exported sound and then played back on Maschine and so forth. I was also a significant change to the .wav quality. Some frequencies where just cut. Anyway the last song export (after renaming) was OK. Same .wav as Maschine's playback.

    I used Reactor plugins and Omnishpere. The same effect happend some time ago using GSM synth from FL Studio.
  4. Kaldosh

    Kaldosh NI Product Owner

    Also have frequent export issues, can crack glitches, change of level of effects rendered on a track.. Complete different sound etc. . After few tries you can find finally nail it.. Never happen when I do a project 100% audio