Global Section: make master clock AND effects1 visible at same time

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Hairy Dee, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Hairy Dee

    Hairy Dee New Member

    I know there is at least one thread below pointing out the wasted space in the UI layout and generally requesting more customizable features.
    I agree that there is 2 blank spaces in the global section (top of UI) that could easily be made better use off by allowing to show both at the same time:
    the master clock and effects unit 1 on the left hand side and the recorder and effects unit 2 on the right hand side.
    As of now, you can just choose between either of them, while the space next to these panels is blank (black) and so both could be easily housed next to each other.
    I know quite some DJs who would definitely prefer to see both at the same time as for example it can be important to keep an eye on the master clock while slowly changing tempo in a set in order to mix in an upcoming track of a different genre smoother at the same time as calling a different set of effects up for this very transition.
    It's such an easy fix and would make the life of multi-format DJs so much easier.
    I hope it's fine to have started a new thread for this as it represent a certain and very feasible fix to Traktor's UI.
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  2. Nicolas Buthay

    Nicolas Buthay New Member

    You have my vote
  3. Hairy Dee

    Hairy Dee New Member

    Thank you Nicolas, I appreciate it! Regards