GR 5 + M-Box Mini 2 problem

Discussion in 'GUITAR RIG' started by NickBWB, Feb 7, 2013.

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    Hey guys,

    I'm having some problems to get GR 5 working nicely with my Mbox Mini.
    Although I'm actually quite new to this I managed (I think ) to set up everything the way it should be but I'm not getting any sound from GR.
    My mbox is connected recognized by my PC, the green USB light is lit.
    I have installed all the latest drivers and all that stuff ,even reinstalled but still nothing ..
    Below are some screens from my GR setup .



    I'm using normal PC speakers,nothing fancy,just basic stuff ... I've been searching for similar problems on the web and noticed that Mac users need to created an aggregated device , do I have to do something similar on PC ...?
    Anyway, would be delighted if you could help me out with this ,I wanna get recording soooon !