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Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Thomas Helzle, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. Thomas Helzle

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    Native Instruments does really good Interfaces for it's newer instruments as Reaktor 6 / Blocks and many others show.
    Now Absynth may not be the most important synth in the arsenal from a marketing side, but I really like it and think it could become much more visible and usable with a general overhaul of the GUI and other enhancements:

    - The old graphics (especially the patch window) look very dated in 2015.

    - The overall usage is a bit of a pain, from the browser that constantly loses it's location to the tiny text size, from the fiddly up/down arrows for numbers to the tiny dropdowns/tabs in the patches. The patch page alone could be optimized a lot if the available space would be used for the controls instead of all the empty space and fancy frames.

    - I see a lot of potential in the overall idea of Absynth if the features would be further developed and brought into the here and now (think about the gap that Alchemy left for all the PC- and non-Logic users for some ideas... ;-) ).

    - The surround features could be matured into a fully multichannel aware synth, something that is almost non-existent (think surround panning per-voice, surround grains, 2D LFOs etc.).

    I would be very happy to see Absynth 5.x or 6 in a totally new look and feel and with a massively deepened featureset.
    The potential is there...

    Cheers and thanks for this awesome instrument :)

  2. tubeaudiogear

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    I agree on the GUI, absynth is not very popular but can do lots of things, I would say it's the most versatile synth I own. I like the look of the 'simple view' of absynth in Komplete Kontrol, controls are not too small and easier to read, I'd love a redesigned GUI to go in that direction.
  3. Thomas Helzle

    Thomas Helzle New Member

    I don't have Komplete but yeah, the more recent interface overhauls by NI have all been very good, so I have no fear that IF they finally tackle it, something much more usable will emerge.
    This synth could really shine agian with some love...