GUI Very Disappointing

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR 3' started by Mike Palma, Oct 22, 2018.

  1. Mike Palma

    Mike Palma New Member

    I'm always amazed.
    CPU processors are continually increasing in power & efficiency.
    GPUs *Graphic cards) are pushing the envelope, evolving into extremely powerful devices.
    Yet when we look at the new Tractor 3 on the screen it is embarrassing.
    What happened to pride in workmanship. A grade one student could in all likelihood produce a better looking interface.
    It appears graphics design is going backwards in time, while CPU's & GPU's break new ground everyday.
    I get that you want the program to run on cell phones & iPad & cheap laptops.
    There are still professional DJ's out there using full up-to-date computers & professional quality laptops providing their customers with the best money has to offer.
    Would be nice if you offered 2 versions.
    One with real quality user interface, with buttons that look and act real, faders that jump out and say use me, meters that look like the real thing.
    I would like a screen that I'm proud to say hey customer look at this, it's awesome.
    This flat cheap looking screen is something I do not want my clients to see.
    Their comments will be really nice sound gear & lighting, shame you had to cut corners on your software.
    Bring back the pride in programming give us something we will want to show off.
    I pray the updates in functionality offer more than the GUI.
    Mike Palma