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[Guide] - Cubase + Maschine MIDI Routing & Integration

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by D-One, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. telecode101

    telecode101 NI Product Owner

    Yeah. I find it best that way and I don't lose and creative inspiration by tinkering with little settings for half an hour. Just load up Maschine and start working in ideas view and keep appending and duplicating patterns. Before you know it you have a chunk of 5+ minutes of music.
  2. Uwe303

    Uwe303 NI Product Owner

  3. D-One

    D-One Moderator Moderator

    No prob.
    Yes, there is a way, but the full answer is kind of complicated due to users having so many different workflows, this is why I never ended up following up the video with "a way of making a pre-routed project into a template" as I promised, I'll eventually get to it but there's so much to cover it will for sure be an 18min boring video (just like this huge post not many will read).

    The easiest trick I know is this:
    After you routed everything save an empty Group in Maschine, turn off "+Routings" on the browser and load the Group you saved in each of your Projects Groups, effectively overwriting them. This will remove all the sounds but preserve the routings.
    After that, you can save the Project as a template and configure Maschine to always load it by default if you wish, or just save the DAW Project containing the Maschine project as a template.

    The above has one problem, if you add new Groups you will have to route them, much of the work can be avoided by either Duplicating an existing Routed Group and then just changing the MIDI Channel (to an unused one); or... you can save Pre-Routed empty Groups, load them when needed then change the MIDI Channel.

    A final thought is:
    If you're the kind of producer that always uses roughly the same type of Groups, let's say for example, 1 Sample Group, 1 Drum Group, and everything else are instruments then the template method above can work perfectly; if you a more experimental type of user and projects can be very different from each other then templates are no-go...

    After you route a bunch projects and get the hang of it you can do it pretty fast, even so, it's still a hassle, for this reason, I work only in Maschine Standalone and only go thru the trouble of routing when I really need to work on a project/song that will be released. The downside is that it's easy to end up with a ton of unfinished unpolished musical sketches and one ends up not practicing fully arranging a song as much as composing.
    To avoid all this most people do as telecode101 and Uwe303 and just export Audio from Maschine to DAW, this works especially well for producers who make music for themselves. I produce for vocalists, so I need the ability to change a sound/sample even late in the arrangement process for several reasons so bouncing to Audio early is a no go for me.
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  4. WalterBorn

    WalterBorn New Member

    The most important and probably helpful thing is...practising and practising and practising until routing stops being complicated to be done. So far with your help and another video plus FB Group now I can control any instrument within machine even those who are not loadable in NKI as GrooveAgent5 from Cubase. That enables me to use Maschine much more flexible and integrated------- in Cubase than I thought. Actually I am just starting out with machine and only a few days ago started to explore it. It sat on my desk for almost a year now as I found it very complicated to use.

    SYLVER_SECOND New Member

    Either work with your DAW separated or MASCHINE separated like twice mentioned before, or you set all this stuff up.
    Then you save the DAW file of your project and the MASCHINE file. Both in one folder. Name it "Template". When you start
    a new project, just copy from the "Template" folder. It's a heck of a lot of settings, but in the end it is way easier to handle.
  6. WalterBorn

    WalterBorn New Member

    I saved a template in Cubase and meanwhile I think I have this working out the way intended.
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