Guitar Rig 5 Components: Sorted by Amplifier

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    Good day

    For interest, Guitar Rig 5 makes provision for a total of 17 amplifiers with a total of 481 Factory Presets. Though the initial installation of Guitar Rig 5 provides a tag for "Guitar Amps" not all amplifiers are listed in that tag - and justifiably so!

    As a constituent part of preset development, I simply wanted to ensure that all of the amplifiers were listed and sorted by amplifier type.
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    I see your 17 amplifiers and I'll raise you by one :cool:

    Double rack trouble :D

    Reason rack on the left, Guitar Rig rack ( :rolleyes: ) on the right and Live in the back.. sorry for being a little silly, I couldn't resist showing off with my favorite setup ;)

    Thanks for sharing! I won't be using it myself but I can definitely imagine how your preset(s) can be useful!
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