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Guitar rig

Discussion in 'GUITAR RIG' started by Rogers Hornsby, Nov 13, 2019.

  1. Rogers Hornsby

    Rogers Hornsby New Member

    When I record in reaper with guitar rig 5 effects everything is fine until I save the project and when I go back in the effects still show in the fx but only get clean sound.
  2. Citipunk

    Citipunk NI Product Owner

    Hi Roger,

    since English isn't my native language, I hope You'll understand it.
    The effect that You're talking about is because of the sequence of things that happen; respectively i don't use reaper myself, but it sounds to me like it appears in recordings via Cubase.
    At first, your guitar recording is sent into the audio track inside reaper, and as a second step, it is processed by the activated effect.
    This gives You the chance to try out other varies of sounds for the same played melody / riff just by changing the used effects.
    If it finally sounds like You want it to sound, you have to export the audio track -including the used effects- into an audiofile to "keep it as You hear it"

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